Gear and accessories on the Frost River Freeman Explore resupply trip on their Year in the Wilderness 2016.

All of those doo-dads and who’s-its from growler packs to dog leashes, spare parts and accoutrements for your life at the lake and beyond.

Accessories / Categories
  • Frost River's Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags help you haul your lunch sustainably for a lifetime. Made in the USA, usable just about anywhere.

    Lunch Bag and Lunch Tote

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  • A888-N-Heritage-Black-Leather-Buckskin-Padded-Shoulder-Pad-for-2'-Strap--by-Frost-River-2681

    Heritage Black Shoulder Strap Accessories

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  • Shoulder Strap Accessories

    Shoulder Strap Accessories

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  • Growler Packs

    Sling Growler Pack

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  • 605 Birchbark Log Bag. A classy, waxed canvas tote built for hauling firewood.

    Timber Haulers

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  • Frost River Accessory Bag

    Frost River Accessory Bag

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  • 828-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0633

    Heritage Black Accessory Bag

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  • Leather Checkbook Cover

    Leather Checkbook Cover

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  • 569_Brewasana-Yoga-Mat-Tote

    “Brewasana” Yoga Mat Tote

    5 out of 5
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  • "Hillsider" "Snapshots of a Curious Political Journey" by Don Ness

    “Hillsider” by Duluth Mayor Don Ness

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  • Frost River Custom Personalization with premium leather monograms.

    Add a Monogram

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  • Badge and License Holder

    Badge and License Holder

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  • Bedroll Strap

    Bedroll Strap

    3.5 out of 5
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  • Beverage Mug

    Beverage Mug

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  • Frost-River-Blankets-FR907-Olive,-Red-Plaid-and-Harness-DSC_7286

    Blanket Roll with Harness

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  • 107-Frost-River-Bearded-Bridle-Mask-2243

    Boreal Axe Sheath

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  • Bottle Tote - Single or Side by Side

    Bottle Tote – Single or Side by Side

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  • Can Insulator

    Can Insulator

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  • Canoe Pack Tree Ornament

    Canoe Pack Tree Ornament

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  • Canvas Bucket

    Canvas Bucket

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