Replacement Parts

Frost River gear uses only premium raw materials and are made to be repairable.

We pride ourselves on our gear never breaking. But in the off chance it does, (or if you just want to update something) the good news is you can do it yourself. No lines, no numbers to call—just you, boldly re-writing the definition of “do-it-yourself.”

  • Shoulder Strap Accessories

    Shoulder Strap Accessories

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  • Bedroll Strap

    Bedroll Strap

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  • Frost River Canvas My State Patches showing all 50 United States. Handmade from deerhide buckskin in Duluth, MN. Available on certain new Frost River gear or as standalone patches so you can sew yer own onto whatever you'd like!

    Canvas My State Standalone Patches

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  • Cord and Barrel

    Cord and Barrel

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  • Cotton Shoulder Strap

    Cotton Shoulder Strap

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  • Installation Kit for Attachable Portage Pack

    Installation Kit for Attachable Portage Pack

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  • Leather Shoulder Strap

    Leather Shoulder Strap

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  • Leather Shoulder Strap / Handle 1"

    Leather Shoulder Strap / Handle 1″

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  • Leather Shoulder Strap / Handle 3/4"

    Leather Shoulder Strap / Handle 3/4″

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  • Leather Shoulder Strap Extension (3/4")

    Leather Shoulder Strap Extension (3/4″)

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  • Pack Liner

    Pack Liner

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  • Replacement Straps - Bike Bags

    Replacement Straps – Bike Bags

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  • Sternum Strap Assembly

    Sternum Strap Assembly

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  • Stickers


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  • Tumpline - Replacement

    Tumpline – Replacement

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  • Waxed Canvas Conditioner

    Waxed Canvas Conditioner

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