Built for business, if your business is everything outdoors. These bags were made to endure the great wilderness. Which means surviving your quarterly business meetings is an easy task. And they’ll look good doing it.

  • The Frost River Carrier Brief Messenger Bag is a classic single strapped shoulder bag made out of waxed canvas.

    Carrier Brief Messenger Bag

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  • 898-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0646

    Heritage Black Premium Carrier Brief Messenger Bag

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  • The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Crossovers are equally at home on a back or over a shoulder and fit in the great outdoors and the wood paneled walls of the boardroom.

    Voyageur Backpack

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  • 884 Correspondent. A classy, timeless waxed canvas briefcase. Twin handles, exterior pockets, character.


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  • Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Heritage Brief

    Heritage Brief

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  • Pilot Brief

    Pilot Brief

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  • Single Briefcase

    Single Briefcase

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  • Document Briefcase

    Document Briefcase

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  • Simple Brief

    Simple Brief

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  • Frost River Accessory Bag

    Frost River Accessory Bag

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  • 828-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0633

    Heritage Black Accessory Bag

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  • Luggage Tag

    Luggage Tag

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  • 551 Circle Tour Travel Wallet. A handy waxed canvas tri-fold travel wallet. There's double security with a zip and strap closure. Inside there are spots for cards, cash, and change.

    Circle Tour Travel Wallet

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  • Insert Padded Sleeve

    Insert Padded Sleeve

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  • 794 &796 Kadunce Messenger Bags. Big and Bigger waxed canvas messenger bags with tons of capacity, a big top flap and side pockets that snap.

    Kadunce Messenger Bag

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  • Keychain/Keystrap

    Keychain/ Keystrap

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  • Leather Bi-fold Wallet

    Leather Bi-fold Wallet

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