Shoulder Bags

A bag to swing over your shoulder when traversing the rapids or the subway system—this waxed canvas will hold up against the spray from a passing car, or from a crashing waterfall. And where we’re from, it’s not unheard of to encounter both in the same day.

  • The Frost River Carrier Brief Messenger Bag is a classic single strapped shoulder bag made out of waxed canvas.

    Carrier Brief Messenger Bag

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  • Field Satchel

    Field Satchel

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  • Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Saganaga Travel Satchel

    Saganaga Travel Satchel

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  • Gladstone Bag

    Gladstone Bag

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  • 558 Crescent Lake Shoulder Large. The Crescent Lake is a stylish purse, bag, or satchel. Available in small and large.

    Crescent Lake Shoulder Bag

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  • The Urban Field Bag is a satchel/purse from Frost River that offers multiple zippered pockets and compartments, with a cross-body cotton shoulder strap and lifetime guarantee.

    Urban Field Bag

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  • Premium Shell Bag

    Premium Shell Bag

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  • 563 Skyline Rolldown Satchel. A versatile shoulder bag with pockets and a rolltop. Like a convertible… with the top down

    Skyline Rolldown Satchel

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  • Grand Marais Mail Bag

    Grand Marais Mail Bag

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  • Vintage Messenger Bag

    Vintage Messenger Bag

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  • Frost River Accessory Bag

    Frost River Accessory Bag

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  • Canal Park Tote Series

    Canal Park Tote Series

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  • 551 Circle Tour Travel Wallet. A handy waxed canvas tri-fold travel wallet. There's double security with a zip and strap closure. Inside there are spots for cards, cash, and change.

    Circle Tour Travel Wallet

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  • Essentials Bag

    Essentials Bag

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  • Insert Padded Sleeve

    Insert Padded Sleeve

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  • 794 &796 Kadunce Messenger Bags. Big and Bigger waxed canvas messenger bags with tons of capacity, a big top flap and side pockets that snap.

    Kadunce Messenger Bag

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  • Little Marais Messenger Bag

    Little Marais Messenger Bag

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  • Protege for iPad Mini

    Mini Tablet Vertical or Horizontal

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