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  • The Frost River Field Deck- Playing Cards Made in USA for Frost River

    Field Deck

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  • Growler/Lantern Pack ZipUp

    Growler / Lantern Pack ZipUp

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  • Iron Tent Stake

    Iron Tent Stake

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  • Map Case

    Map Case

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  • Mors Pot

    Mors Pot

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  • Nalgene Water Bottle

    Nalgene Water Bottle

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  • Northwoods Tarp

    Northwoods Tarp

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  • Outdoor Soaps for Frost River

    Outdoor Soap

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  • Pack Basket

    Pack Basket

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  • Pack Liner

    Pack Liner

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  • Paddle Sack

    Paddle Sack

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  • Palisade Attachable Portage Pack

    Palisade Attachable Portage Pack

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  • Saw Bag

    Saw Bag

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  • Stickers


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  • 249 Survival Kit in a Can. Survival of the fittest, or survival of the prepared? Be both with a kinda comprehensive little survival kit in a sealed sardine can. Survival supplies, sardines not included.

    Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

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  • Tent Bag

    Tent Bag

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  • Tent Pole Packages

    Tent Pole Packages

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  • Tent Replacement Poles

    Tent Replacement Poles

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  • Tumpline - Replacement

    Tumpline – Replacement

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  • Two Dog Stove

    Two Dog Stove

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