Alex Messenger explores Blue Mounds State Park, MN in Iron & Resin top with a Frost River Summit Boulder Junction. Photo by Lacey Messenger

Quick access in and out, here are packs designed to keep up with a busy schedule and help you stay organized! heavy duty drawcord tops open wide to allow quick, easy top access to pack contents. They’ll work great for the trails, hauling all of your gear in a sturdy, reliable and easy to use pack.

  • Summit Pack

    Summit Pack

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  • 825-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0596

    Heritage Black Summit Expedition Pack

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  • Summit Expedition Pack

    Summit Expedition Pack

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  • Summit Boulder Jct.

    Summit Boulder Jct.

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  • 417 417o Ima Lake Cinch Bag. The Ima Lake Cinch Bag is a waxed canvas drawstring pack built to carry little things for a lifetime.

    Ima Lake Cinch Bag

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  • Knapsack


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  • Mini Knapsack

    Mini Knapsack

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  • Eagle Mountain Pack

    Eagle Mountain Pack

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  • Geologist Pack

    Geologist Pack

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