Gifts under $100


Give the gift of reliable softgoods. We’ve picked some of our favorite Frost River gear to provide you with a selection of gifts that won’t break the bank. From packs to purses, satchels to murses, water bottles, bottle totes, sweatshirts and shirtses(?) you’re bound to find something for everyone on your list.

  • Frost River's Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags help you haul your lunch sustainably for a lifetime. Made in the USA, usable just about anywhere.

    Lunch Bag and Lunch Tote

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  • 399 Frost River High Falls Short Day Pack from the front angle

    High Falls Short-Day Pack

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  • Frost River Zip Hoodie

    Frost River Zip Hoodie

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  • Canoe Thwart Bag

    Canoe Thwart Bag

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  • Dopp Kit

    Travel Kit

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  • RollUp Dopp Kit

    RollUp Travel Kit

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  • 558 Crescent Lake Shoulder Large. The Crescent Lake is a stylish purse, bag, or satchel. Available in small and large.

    Crescent Lake Shoulder Bag

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  • Growler Packs

    Sling Growler Pack

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  • The Urban Field Bag is a satchel/purse from Frost River that offers multiple zippered pockets and compartments, with a cross-body cotton shoulder strap and lifetime guarantee.

    Urban Field Bag

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  • The Skyline Rolldown Backpacks are small in size, but big in features, with ample pockets in a small footprint, plus the versatility of a rolltop! Made by hand in Duluth, MN.

    Skyline Rolldown Backpack

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  • 563 Skyline Rolldown Satchel. A versatile shoulder bag with pockets and a rolltop. Like a convertibleā€¦ with the top down

    Skyline Rolldown Satchel

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  • Grand Marais Mail Bag

    Grand Marais Mail Bag

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  • Frost River Accessory Bag

    Frost River Accessory Bag

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  • Leather Checkbook Cover

    Leather Checkbook Cover

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  • "Hillsider" "Snapshots of a Curious Political Journey" by Don Ness

    “Hillsider” by Duluth Mayor Don Ness

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  • Beverage Mug

    Beverage Mug

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  • Bottle Tote - Single or Side by Side

    Bottle Tote – Single or Side by Side

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  • BWCA Insulator

    BWCA Insulator

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  • Can Insulator

    Can Insulator

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  • Frost River Canvas My State Patches showing all 50 United States. Handmade from deerhide buckskin in Duluth, MN. Available on certain new Frost River gear or as standalone patches so you can sew yer own onto whatever you'd like!

    Canvas My State Standalone Patches

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