Mittens and Apparel

After a long, hard search we finally found the greatest hooded sweatshirt in the U.S.A– and it’s actually made in the U.S.A.!  While we were at it we found great short and long sleeved T-shirts, hemp shirts, and hats…. all made in America.

  • Frost River Zip Hoodie

    Frost River Zip Hoodie

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  • Frost River blended cotton T-Shirts Made in USA with distressed logo and comfy materials.

    Distressed Logo T-Shirts

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  • Dog Vest

    Dog Vest

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  • Frost River 3/4 Tee

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  • Frost River Sweatshirt

    Frost River Sweatshirt

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  • Frost River T-shirt

    Frost River T-shirt

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  • 938 Frost River Pom Hat. A Frost River woolen cap to help make the Minnesota winters seem a little shorter. Works in other latitudes as well.

    Frost River Wool Hats

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  • Frost River Great Northern Mittens are made for the harsh cold of the Minnesotan winter, so you know it'll work most anywhere. Durable waxed canvas with buckskin palms and Thinsulate® lining, plus gauntlet length cuffs mean you'll be ready when the temperature drops.

    Great Northern Choppers

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  • Hunting Chaps

    Hunting Chaps

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  • 840DPL Northern Pacific Palamino Buckskin Mitten. Thinsulate lined buckskin leather mitts, made by Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

    Northern Pacific Mittens – Buckskin

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  • Northern Pacific Mittens - W

    Northern Pacific Mittens – Waxed Canvas

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  • Frost River Patch in red No. 230R


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  • Pennsylvania Choppers

    Pennsylvania Choppers

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