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Frost River Gear, all under 100 bucks. Made in USA, by hand and lifetime guaranteed.

We design our gear using old-world materials, and build them using old-time craftsmanship, because things should be made to last, built with care and purpose. But that doesn’t mean we’re not constantly coming up with new products designed to fit all your new gadgets and gizmos—or whatever you’re calling them these days. Check out some of our most recent wares, handmade in the USA for work, play and everything in between.

  • The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Crossovers are equally at home on a back or over a shoulder and fit in the great outdoors and the wood paneled walls of the boardroom.

    Voyageur Backpack

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  • 399-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0610

    Heritage Black High Falls Short-Day Pack

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  • 399 Frost River High Falls Short Day Pack from the front angle

    High Falls Short-Day Pack

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  • 558 Crescent Lake Shoulder Large. The Crescent Lake is a stylish purse, bag, or satchel. Available in small and large.

    Crescent Lake Shoulder Bag

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  • The Urban Field Bag is a satchel/purse from Frost River that offers multiple zippered pockets and compartments, with a cross-body cotton shoulder strap and lifetime guarantee.

    Urban Field Bag

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  • The Skyline Rolldown Backpacks are small in size, but big in features, with ample pockets in a small footprint, plus the versatility of a rolltop! Made by hand in Duluth, MN.

    Skyline Rolldown Backpack

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  • 563 Skyline Rolldown Satchel. A versatile shoulder bag with pockets and a rolltop. Like a convertible… with the top down

    Skyline Rolldown Satchel

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  • Frost River fleece group -three colors, two logos.

    Crossed Paddles Fleece Crewneck

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  • Frost River blended cotton T-Shirts Made in USA with distressed logo and comfy materials.

    Distressed Logo T-Shirts

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  • The Frost River Field Deck- Playing Cards Made in USA for Frost River

    Field Deck

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  • 941-Frost-River-Stocking_AMP0159

    Frost River Stocking

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  • FR-24inch-and-19inch-Axe-0843

    Frost River Wood Craft Axe

    5 out of 5
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  • 417 417o Ima Lake Cinch Bag. The Ima Lake Cinch Bag is a waxed canvas drawstring pack built to carry little things for a lifetime.

    Ima Lake Cinch Bag

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  • The inside of the Leather Pocket Folio showing cards and limited edition Minnesota Field Notes Notebook in Red. The Frost River Leather Pocket Folio is built to last from premium full grain leather to hold a notebook, cards and more.

    Leather Pocket Folio

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  • Outdoor Soaps for Frost River

    Outdoor Soap

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  • Frost River Patch in red No. 230R


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  • The Frost River Pint Sleeve. Handmade from Waxed Canvas and Leather. Pint Glass and Pint Contents not included.

    Pint Sleeve

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  • Trezona-Trail-Top-Tube-Bike-Bag---Small-Surly_ADM7186

    Trezona Trail Top Tube Bag

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  • 837_urban-foraging-tote_angled_500px

    Urban Foraging Tote

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  • The Frost River Windigo Signal Bag, shown with both the front in field tan and back in hunter orange. The Windigo is a simple little zip-top bag with solid brass attachment rings, binding loops and XP snaps. It's a basic bag with subtle field tan on one side and high visibility hunter orange on the other. A simple bag with unlimited possibilities.

    Windigo Signal Bag

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