Duluth Grill Cook Book

Duluth Grill Cook Book

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A family diner cookbook from our friends & neighbors at the Duluth Grill, just a few blocks away on 27th Ave. West in Duluth. If you’ve tried their cooking, you know it’s honest, true, and delicious. This cookbook will let you simmer and saute your way through some of their best recipes right at home!




110 tried and tested recipes right from the kitchen of the Duluth Grill. The Hanson family has built a strong following at their unique diner in Duluth. The food is based on fresh, local, organic ingredients prepared in a comfort food style. The fun to read cookbook is filled with great photographs and interesting stories like how to build “Gardens in the Parking Lot”. Duluth Grill owner Tom Hansen has said that what he does at his restaurant is remarkably similar to what we do at the Frost River shop… we both make things in Duluth for our customers from the best raw materials available. We are happy to offer their cookbook, and graced to have them in our neighborhood.

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