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Backpack Strap Upgrades

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1.00 LBS
Backpack Strap Upgrades

Upgrade your straps! Enhance your pack with our premium buckskin padded shoulder straps. Cut from the same burly bridle leather and built with the same care, attention to detail and cushy closed-cell foam as in our canoe and bushcraft packs, this is an upgrade in both style and function. Please note that upgrading to the buckskin straps may require us to spend extra time building your pack. All of our buckskin comes from real, wild deer hides, so each one is a little different and may show scars & evidence of life lived in the wilds of North America. They'll most definitely be worth the wait!

How to Buy: Add an eligible pack to your cart and then add an upgrade from this page to your cart as well. If you have more than one pack in your order, please specify in the order notes which bag you'd like to get upgraded. Then finish by placing your order. Then yer done, and we'll get started on customizing your pack, thanks!



Speaking of the wait.... Because these strap upgrades are special order and not regularly stocked, many of our daypacks need to be built from the ground up when they are ordered with upgraded straps. This can take up to 4-6 weeks, depending on workflow and the number of orders ahead of yours. Rest assured, though, these are a great way to customize a Frost River pack. Once you get it, and break in these straps, you'll be glad you did!


Strap upgrades are only done on NEW bags only. Sorry, but we can't take our old pack and upgrade the straps. If you have any questions on that, please give us a call.