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Bottle Tote - Single or Side by Side

$70.00 — $90.00

The Bottle Tote calls for celebration just by being there. Waxed canvas with a sherpa pile lining, it protects and presents bottles in its own unique way. Great as a gift (to yourself or someone else) it beats a brown paper bag!

The single is tapered toward the top with a zippered closure that has twin slides. The Side by Side is designed for two bottles and has a padded divider to keep bottles from clanking together. We make the Single in waxed canvas or buckskin, the double is only in waxed canvas. The rolled leather handle is secure and substantial, these totes add reliability and class to your travels and is sure to make a positive impression on any social occasion.  


Size: Single: 6″w x 14″h x 5″d. Side by Side 11.5″w x 14″ x 5″d.
Materials: 18 oz, waxed canvas or buckskin, sherpa, rolled leather handles.
Made in the USA See where our bags are born.

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