Timber Haulers


These’ll help haul fire wood and put some charm into your chores. Available in three different varieties. The Firewood Sling and Log Carrier are variations on the classic sling, with different levels of class. The Birchbark GDT Log Bag is a big, burly, good-lookin’ tote. More below!

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Additional Information


Firewood Sling: 21″w x 52″l, Log Carrier: 18″w x 56″l, Birchbark GDT: 22″w x 13″w x 13″d.


Firewood Sling: 1.25 lbs, Log Carrier: 1 lb, Birchbark GDT: 2.75 lbs.


Firewood Sling: Rolled leather, Log Carrier: Solid oak, Birchbark GDT: Rolled leather.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather (Firewood Sling and GDT).

Product Description

Need to haul several armloads from the woodpile but only want to make one trip? Our Timber Haulers can help. Heavyweight waxed canvas will stand up to the biggest logs a person wants to carry.

The leather handles of our Firewood Sling are substantial and add a touch of class to your chores. The wooden dowels of the Log Carrier are made of oak, they’re strong and reliable- just as they should be. The Birchbark GDT Log Bag has enclosed sides and extra reinforcement. The upgrade greatly increases versatility. Use it carrying groceries, organize the back hatch of your vehicle- heck, fill it with ice and use it as a cooler! …waxed canvas is water resistant. These things are almost too nice to use only for hauling firewood. Get one and find your own uses!