Canoe Seat Pad & Bag


Add comfort and storage to your seat

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15.5″l x 9″w x 3″d


Coil zipper with two pulls.


Leather straps and buckles.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

Product Description

Give your butt a break and invest in some comfort for your next paddle trip. Nothing too complicated, our canoe seat pad offers some padding and a bag that hangs below the seat to store stuff up off the bottom of the boat. There are twin zipper slides for easy access, our Plano® boxes fit great in there.  There’s a slip pocket at the bottom of the bag– it’s sized just right for an Epicurean Cutting Board. “Save a paddle, use a cutting board”. Buy a Canoe Seat Pad & Bag with a cutting board together and save more!