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Smaller canoe pack or full featured daypack? You decide. With two large 2-in-1 side pockets, a front slip pocket, large main compartment and flaps to keep your gear in, the Cliff’ll work well most anywhere. You also get to choose your color… Field Tan or Orange.



This box style canoe pack is designed with help from outdoor writer, wilderness traveler, and Eagle Scout, Cliff Jacobson and laid out with helpful features designed to haul your gear through the lakes of canoe country or the wilds of your everyday.

This is a daypack, meant to go light and fast or supplement another larger pack for a full camping rig. It serves well as a school or travel backpack, too. We build them by hand in Duluth, from a lighter weight 10.10 oz waxed canvas that we get from the same supplier as our heavier 18oz. It’s a tighter weave fabric that wears tough, but carries light. You get the choice of Field Tan or Hunter Orange waxed canvas. We regularly build the Field Tan, but may have to build a Hunter Orange pack from the ground up if high visibility is on your list.

The Cliff Jacobson backpack is lighter than, but similarly laid out to it’s older “cousin” the Nessmuk Pack. The top flap is longer on the Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack, the inside zippered pocket is bigger, the grab handle sits by the backstraps, and the 2-in-1 side pockets are both the same on each side (the Nessmuk has two small pockets on one side and the larger on the other.  Both packs share the same 2.25″ cotton, pistol-belt web backstraps that connect at the bottom of the pack.

Need something larger? Take a look at the Woodsman or Timber Cruiser Jr.



Size / Volume

Pack body: 16″h x12″w x 5.5″d. Actual 1056 c.i. Expanded volume 1900 c.i. (Approx.) Pockets measure 12″h x 5.5″w x 2″d.


2.5 lbs. (Approx.)


2 external (two in one), 1 slip on front body, 1 internal hanging zipper pocket.


Internal rain flaps, large flap covers main compartment.

Shoulder Straps

2.25″ pistol belt cotton web with leather attachment.




10.10 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.


Field Tan, Hunter Orange



We guarantee the hardware and workmanship on Frost River’s waxed canvas and leather packs, bags, and accessories forever. If we built it, we know the seams will stay strong, the zippers will work and the rivets and hardware will hold securely, and we take pride in building reliable softgoods at our shop in Duluth, Minnesota. We realize that stuff happens in life and rugged wilderness travel is tough on bags, and that if you use your gear hard, it will wear out eventually. That’s why it’s important to us that everything we make is highly repairable, usually worth repairing, and that we’ll be here to mend them with patches, straps, repairs, and fixes through a lifetime in the field — after all, the blemishes, scars, patches and stains in your pack each tell their own story, don’t they?

What’s covered?

We stand behind all our craftsmanship and hardware. We guarantee the seams on your Frost River bag will stay sewn together, the rivets will hold, the zippers will work, and the buckles will do their job for as long as you (or your grandkids) have your bag. The lustre on the hardware will fade and patina, and the seams will age, but they’ll hold, and keep on working. If they don’t, and your product fails due to flaws in craftsmanship or hardware, we will repair or replace it at our discretion to get your gear back in service. Please send any warranty or repair products to us in clean condition. You can read more about caring for you Frost River gear in our frequently asked questions section.

What’s not covered?

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the canvas, leather, or straps. We use great materials, — the best we can find — they’re tough and will hold up to all sorts of use and abuse. However, we cannot guarantee cotton and leather to last forever. We can, and do, make repairs to canvas bags at a reasonable rate, both Frost River, and sometimes other brands. If you’d like to get more information, or request a quote on a repair job, contact us at or call the shop (it can help to send a photo or two).

The Fine Print…

All warranty and repair work requires postage to be paid to and from the shop. We reserve the right to replace a Frost River item if we feel it cannot logically be repaired, and refuse service if your pack or bag comes to us in an unclean condition. If a replacement is issued, the original will not be returned. Damage due to excessive wear and tear, damage caused by an animal, abuse, misuse, neglect, an act of God or nature, and damage due to modifications are not covered by our warranty. Please get a hold of us by using the contact us tab if you have any questions.

Do I need proof of purchase?

The short answer, is no, you do not need a proof of purchase. We build all Frost River reliable softgoods ourselves and we put our signature on each and every piece. If your bag has that little Frost River tag, (called a taffeta) it’s covered by our warranty. We will gladly work with you to repair bags and gear sent without the taffeta, but they are not covered by our guarantee. If you have any questions, please get a hold of us by using the contact info here.

Why we guarantee Frost River’s Reliable Softgoods

We take pride in keeping canvas bags out in the world, and will work with you to keep yours in working order. We offer a lifetime guarantee because we know how durable our products are; we built them, and because we did, we can take yours apart, fix it, and get it back to you again for more years of service.

Shipping Policy

We’ll get it built and get it there.


Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt. As a manufacturer that prides itself on the handcrafted nature of our products, please understand that it may take a few days for your order to be built up. Orders with items that are in stock will ship out right away on the next business day, and if a production build has to be launched for your order, it may take up to 5 business days to get things ready. You will receive a confirmation email from us once your order is entered into our production system, and you will receive an email from your shipping provider once your package leaves our building.


If you need expedited shipping it is a good idea to give us a call to find out if the item is available for immediate shipping. You can reach us at 218.727.1472 or 800.FROST84. If your order is placed after 3pm CST, it will not be processed until the next day.


Shipping timeframe for international shipping will be dependent on the chosen carrier. We do not have control over any Duties / Tariff’s and said costs will be the customers responsibility.


Every day that our carriers are open, we can ship packages. Weekend and Holiday orders will be sent the first available shipping business day.


Head over to our Shipping Policies page to see service area maps for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.


Monday December 26th 

The diligent folks that deliver our packages through UPS, FedEx and USPS will be taking a much-deserved day off. No deliveries or pick-ups today. Thanks for all your help!

Please note that while we will make every effort to get your package on its way to you, once it leaves our shipping department with your carrier of choice, shipping guarantees or lack thereof are all handled by the carrier. Please check their individual terms or give us a call if you have any questions.

Monograms & Personalization

The Frost River Monogram Alphabet. Take a look at how the letters look to get an idea of how your monogram will turn out. For reference, each letter is just under 1/2″ tall while the leather is roughly 1″ tall.

Monograms! Made a lot like how we make our logos right here at Frost River, heat and pressure make a permanent and good lookin’ customized impression on our premium leather.

How we make ‘em:

We’ll load your letters (all upper case) in a carrier which looks a lot like an old printing press. The whole works gets heated up, and when up to temp, is pressed with a pneumatic ram into a patch made from our premium leather, and voila! A custom branded patch emerges! It’s a handmade, personalized match made in Duluth.

To Order:

Pick the bag you want, type your characters (up to 4) into the space provide to add a monogram and add the whole kit’n’caboodle to your cart. Monogram not an option on the product you’ve selected? Add that product to your cart, then head over to our Monogram page and add it separately.

Where do we sew ‘em? Some bags will have several options for Monogram placement, others will be limited as to where we can place the patch. Ultimately it’s up to us as to where the monogram will go. If you have any questions about placement etc. be sure to get in touch, as once we build your custom bag with a monogram, it is not returnable.

You can expect a new monogram order to ship out within ten business days of when you place your order.

The Fine Print:

Monogrammed bags are considered a custom item and therefore are not returnable. But why would you want to? The monograms turn out nicely, the font is professional, and adds a nice touch to any of our Reliable Softgoods. By using heat combined with pressure, it will look great for years and won’t harm the integrity of the leather as simple hammering sometimes can.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse a monogram request at our discretion. If there are any issues, we will contact you via the email address or phone number you provide in your order.


  • All monograms are stamped with an upper-case, serif font. See photos for examples.
  • 4 character maximum
  • Letters are approx 5/8” tall
  • Leather patch is approx 1” x 2.5” Leather is full grain, oil-tanned and premium quality sourced from the S. B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota. It’s the same stuff we use for our trims, bag bottoms, and lighter duty straps. It’ll match well because it’s the same stuff. We apologize, but at this time we do not offer embroidered monograms.
  • Again, monogrammed gear is not returnable.



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  1. Stephen Walker


    Stephen Walker

    Yesterday I took delivery of your Cliff Jacobson pack here in the UK.
    I wanted it as a ‘match’ for my Nessmuk that I have had for quite a few years. Its’ been a fantastic sack and has had lots of use.
    I intend to use both for bushcrafting and also as paired side panniers for my classic Royal Enfield when it is complete. I’d be more than happy to send you some photographs of it in action, overlanding/wild camping etc.
    At home today I’ve been comparing the two packs side by side. Although the CJ is a good size match, I did not expect the canvas to be so much thinner, and I wonder if it will be robust enough to meet the demands of my two requirements. I am uncertain now as to what to do. With the CJ I expected to have an alternative to the Nessmuk, which it is, but as a matching pair they look and may perform very differently as panniers.
    Small things also like the haul loop on the CJ, which is so much smaller than the Nessmuk for hand lifting, and the material, which is quite translucent in light. Not deal-breakers in them selves, but enough with everything else to question my purchase.
    Maybe I would be better off with another Nessmuk?
    Please could you advise?
    Many thanks and kind regards,

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    • One person found this helpful


      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your purchase of the Cliff Jacobson! Like you’ve noted, it is very similar to the Nessmuk, but does have a number of slight differences in design and materials. While the canvas is thinner and lighter, the 10.10oz waxed canvas in the Cliff is very durable, and we’ve seen very few come back for repairs over the years. This lighter-weight material is similar in durability to the heavier-weight 18oz like in your Nessmuk because the higher fiber density creates a very tenacious weave that is very unlikely to snag or catch. If you decide that the Cliff Jacobson is not for you, we do offer refunds for the full value of the product (less shipping and handling) provided it is returned within 30 days in new/unused condition. That being said, if you’re unsure about the Cliff holding up to use, rest assured that it is covered by the same lifetime guarantee as your Nessmuk. Thanks!

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    • stephenwalker


      Thanks for your help, and after your advice I decided to stick with the CJ pack.
      After a month’s use it feels a lot different from my Nessmuk. It is, of course, happily lighter on your back but requires kit in it to ‘stand up’ on its own. The thinner, denser weave seems much stronger than it looks and has stood up well to heavy use.
      I like the extra (hidden) long s(l)ide pocket, which currently comfortably houses my Hultafors Trekking Axe Mini – Classic. The weight of the axe on one side requires a different packing regime, to enable a comfortable, balanced symmetry of carry. My Gransfors Brux Small Forest Axe is too long for said pocket. It could be fixed by removing some of the bottom stitching, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that (and invalidate FR’s excellent lifetime guarantee!) The GBSFA will carry inside, but here’s where the placement of the haul loop on my Nessmuk comes in handy to externally hang a longer axe from. It is then central, hangs sweeter when ‘corded down, and looks better too, by my eye. I find the haul loop on the CJ too small for a hand carry and it’s stitched into the back of the pack, so a carried axe will shave your neck 😉 I almost always carry modularly, which suits the two long side pockets. The jury is still out on the shoulder straps. I’ll need to carry for longer distances (up to around eight miles at the moment) to comment fully, but…. the straps seem very strong, but the Nessmuk straps give a little more comfort, and a minor gripe would be that the straps end on the base of the pack, where the buckles are. On putting the full pack down on the ground, the buckles are more vulnerable to scratching (rock), snagging (branches, roots) or clogging up in dirt/mud. Still can’t get used to the translucent effect the sun brings to the canvas, but I do like the CJ and will continue to utilise the pack when aiming to cut down on weight a bit. Folk have commented favourably on the pack, and have shown a lot of interest in the materials, brass and leatherware and the overall look. If my nephew is lucky it may be handed down to him 😉

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  2. JJ

    5 out of 5 Excellent pack

    JJ (verified owner)

    I’ve had this pack for several months now and it has become my every day bag. I carry water, snacks, first aid/ survival kit, knife, multi-tool, plus what ever else I need for the day. I would recommend the sternum strap if you are going to carry heavy loads, but for general day to day carry it’s fine without it.

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  3. Brian morris


    Brian morris

    Is the cliff Jacobson waxed canvas? The description simply says “canvas”.

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    • Messenger


      Hey Brian,
      Good question, it is in fact waxed canvas! The Cliff Jacobson is one of the packs we make using our “lightweight” waxed canvas, a 10.10oz army duck that is very durable and wears incredibly well. Cheers!

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  4. Ron S.

    5 out of 5 Everyday Use

    Ron S. (verified owner)

    I bought this pack for my everyday use pack. I carry my coffee, food and water to work along with some first aid gear for just in case moments. This pack is of a lighter material which makes it a great day and in my case-everyday pack.

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  5. Christopher Paris

    5 out of 5 Versatily sized, comfortable, quality built pack

    Christopher Paris

    I’ve owned this pack for about a month now. It took a lot of time comparing a few different models in store when I purchased it, but I am beyond happy with the Cliff Jacobson I took home. I do a lot of nature photography and I use one of the side pockets for a tripod and the other to hold a water bottle and or lenses. In the pack I can fit enough gear for a long hike or an overnight (weekend if I packed light and well). I like the lightweight, but still high strength, canvas used in this pack. I’ve taken it out on hikes about 5 miles and it has been comfortable the entire time. I would buy another if it was ever damaged (but hey, with a lifetime warranty I shouldn’t need to)! As with anything I’ve purchased from Frost River I received wonderful customer service while picking out my pack and am in love with the quality.

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