High quality “hobo stoves” that’ll help you work with fire and make yourself a hot meal in a beautiful place.

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Bush Cooker, Firebox, SlatGrills “Scout”, SlatGrills “Trail”

Weight (Details)

Bushcooker 0.35 lb, Firebox 2.0 lb, Slatgrill 2.8 lb.


Bushcooker- titanium, SlatGrills “Scout”- stainless steel, SlatGrills “Trail” Aluminum and stainless steel, Firebox- Stainless Steel.

Product Description

There is just something about fire.  Humans have been developing their fire skills for a millenia.  Our cookstoves can help you to use fire more safely and more efficiently than burning out in the open.  Disclaimer… Please be careful. Do not burn the forest, your city, or yourself (it is fire after all) you are responsible for your fire.

BushCooker: Titanium construction, it  is light weight, durable, and corrosion resistant.  Titanium is tougher than steel.  The BushCooker LT III is made in Minnesota by the Four Dog Stove Company.

SlatGrills: Made for cooking over a bed of coals, Slat Grills break down into a compact carrying case.  They are solidly constructed in the USA and can make cooking outdoors easier and better.  The “Trail” is made of Aluminum and is rectangular, the “Scout” is stainless steel and is square.

Firebox: Made and engineered in the USA of stainless steel, it folds flat, will burn a multitude of fuels, and acts like a portable firepit. Several add-on upgrades are available from the manufacturer. They say it’s “a multi-purpose super tool for fire”.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the wilderness or your own backyard; any of these Cookstoves will add portability and fun to your cooking.