Custom Side Pockets

Custom Side Pockets

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Add capacity with Custom Side Pockets. They are not removable, and must be ordered with a pack as they are permanently sewn on. Pockets will be the 2 in 1 pockets as shown in the picture. Includes a set of two pockets (for one pack).

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We can add side pockets to most any box style Frost River Canoe Pack. They work great to add capacity and convenience to a canoe pack or daypack. They are not removable, and must be ordered with a pack as they are permanently sewn on. (Pockets will be the 2 in 1 pockets as shown in the picture.) If there are d-rings already on a pack they will stay on with the custom side pockets. Thus an Old No. 7 with custom side pockets is different from a Timber Cruiser only in that it has D-rings on the outside of the pockets (and was more expensive). Also, note that adding side pockets does in effect make the pack custom and it is subject to a 3-5 week wait time…



Dimensions (Details)

Will gusset out to approx. 3″, Width and height depend on the pack.


Leather strap and buckle.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

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