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Pack Basket

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Baskets, use ’em alone or pair with a pack. Cotton web shoulder straps and a grab handle are included.




Made by hand, in New England, our baskets are built the way they should be.

The 20″ version is a big basket that can haul large bulky items. It can be used on its own with the supplied harness or it also works great inside an Old No. 7, Timber Cruiser, or Grand Portage pack.  The 18″ version is the quintessential packbasket. Its lightweight nature is simple to carry and when paired with a canvas Frost River pack the combination offers structure and support that could be just what you’ve been searching for. The small fits in the Woodsman or the Timber Cruiser Jr. The mini brings the same structure to the daypacks. Still able to be used on its own with the supplied harness, the Mini Basket really shows its stuff when paired with the Nessmuk, Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack, or Vintage Pack.



Size / Volume

Mini: 14″h x 13″w x 9″d. 1638 c.i. (Approx.) Small: 19″h x 18″w x 10″d. 3420 c.i. (Approx.) Large: 22″h x 20″w x 13″d. 5720 c.i. (Approx.)


Mini: (13″) 2 lbs. Small: (18″) 3.25 lbs. Large: (20″) 4.25 lbs.

Shoulder Harness

1.5″ cotton web with adjustable slides.

Grab Handle

1″ cotton web.


Premium Ash.

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