Paddle Sack


A sleeve to protect a paddle, our Paddle Sacks let you coddle that beautiful hand-carved beavertail your dad made, or defend that bomber carbon fibre stick you save for the most wicked of whitewater. Whatever you paddle, protect it with a Frost River Paddle Sack. Available in two lengths, and with one or two internal sleeves.

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Double Long, Double Short, Long 56″ – 66″, Short 48″ – 56″

Size (Details)

Small: Fits paddle up to 56″ Long: Fits paddle up to 62″

Weight (Details)

Short: 1.15 lbs. Long; 1.40 lbs. Double Short: 1.55 lbs Double Long: 1.75 lbs.


Cotton web tie.


10.10 oz. waxed canvas, canton flannel.

Product Description

Let only the well earned nicks show on your paddle. When on the road and between canoe trips, protect your paddle in a Paddle Sack. That way you will remember where each rock left it’s mark on the blade and be sure that the dent in the shaft didn’t come from something like a folding chair stored in the basement. Waxed canvas construction with flannel lining. Paddles ride blade up, a closure secures the top (they can also work as a streamlined gun case). Double Paddle sacks will hold a pair of paddles with a full length interior flannel divider to protect.