Two Dog Stove


A big, portable stove for big adventures in cold places. Not something you’d want to schlep on your back, but perfect for base camp or heavy dogsledding.

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Product Description

One way to make our campfire tents even better is to add a stove.

A woodstove in the tent can make camping in the winter downright habitable. The steel Two Dog stove is not a lightweight but it is reliable. The folks at Four Dog Stove Company here in Minnesota have been making stoves and camping gear for years, they pride themselves on crafting some of the best stuff around.  Two of the secrets to this stove’s success is an internal baffle and an airtight door. The baffle makes the stove more efficient and safer for use in a tent because heat and sparks are better contained. It also makes it better to cook on. The airtight door makes better use of fuel and also improves safety. Included are the stove, four 9″ legs, five 16″ sections of stove pipe with a damper and two adjustable angles.  The stove pipe sections store inside one another so the whole kit fits inside the stove for easy transport.