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Growler Pack

$40.00 — $90.00

Schlep your suds in style with The Original Growler Pack. Whether you’re going to an upscale dinner party, four portages into the Boundary Waters, or just headed home, these beer hauling backpacks will be the talk of any event. A layer of foam (the padding kind, not the beer kind) keeps contents cool and a cushy divider in the double wide keeps jugs from clanking together. The Original Growler Pack holds one jug and has backstraps. The Double Wide fits fits a pair. The Growler SlingPack has a single strap, grab handle, and gathered top. The Growler ZipUp doubles as a lantern pack. Put some reusable reliability in your beer run… Cheers!


Size: Single: 12.5″h x 6″w x 5″d. (One growler). Double: 12.5″h x 11.5″w x 5″d. (Two growlers). SlingPack: 12.5″h x 6″w x 5″d. ZipUp: 11″h x 7″w x 5″d.
Weight: Single: 1.15 lbs. Double: 1.90 lbs. SlingPack: 0.70 lbs. ZipUp: 0.65 lbs.
Backstraps: Single: 1″ cotton web with adjustable slides. Double: 2″ cotton web faced with 1″ cotton web with adjustable slides. SlingPack: 5 ft. 1″ cotton web with solid brass slide. ZipUp: 1″ cotton web grab handle
Closure: Original Growler Packs: Large flap covers main compartment. Para cord, drawstring gusseted opening. SlingPack: Para cord cinch with cord lock. ZipUp: Nylon coil zipper with two pulls.
Materials: Original Growler Packs: 18 oz. waxed canvas, foam pad, premium leather, solid brass hardware. SlingPack: 2 layers 10.10 waxed canvas, foam padding, cotton web, solid brass slides and grommets. ZipUp: 2 layers 10.10 oz. canvas, foam padding, premium zipper
Made in the USA See where our bags are born.

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