RollUp Garment Cover


A heavy duty, zippered waxed canvas cover for your clothes, fancy or otherwise. Use a hanger and hang it in your closet or car, or fold or roll it up for travel.

Accessory XP Bags

Adding some storage is a snap!

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44″h x 24″w.


1.75 lbs.


1″ cotton web hanging handle w/ snap.


Nylon zipper.


10.10 oz. waxed cotton canvas, cotton web, solid brass.

Product Description

A waxed canvas cover to protect and store your garments. It doesn’t matter if your are using it for fine linen suits or wool bibs, our Garment Cover will offer shelter for your clothing.

It works great in a closet, storing stuff for next season, hanging in the backseat of the car on a weekend trip (no folding required), or rolled up in your luggage. There’s a full access zip, a top opening for hangers, and loops at the top and bottom to secure when folded. There are two snaps on the outside to attach an Accessory Bag XP (a great spot for accoutrements). See the Overland Garment Bag for the luggage version with more carrying capacity. Made in Duluth, USA.