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Northwoods Tarp


We designed this to work as a kitchen fly that you wouldn’t likely burn holes through (unlike the flimsy nylon kind), and to be durable enough to survive use as a ground cloth. A little craftyness on your part will turn it into a serviceable sleeping shelter. Given a little creativity, and knowledge of a few knots, you can coax this tarp into handling any weather. Give it a try! This 12′ x 12′ tarp is made of 10.10 oz. canvas. We put in lots of attachment points so you could make variety of configurations. Fire retardant treatment minimizes burn holes. It’s an effective, lightweight shelter.  Please allow two weeks for Tarp orders as we build them to order.


Size: 12′ x 12′.
Weight: 12 lbs. (Approx.)
Materials: 10 oz. Fire and water treated canvas.
Made in the USA See where our bags are born.

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