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Frost River Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck

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0.50 LBS
Frost River Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck

Experienced folks know that a sharp axe is a safe axe, we’ve now got a stone ready to help keep a keen edge on your blade. Made for us by the Baronyx Knife Co. Their "Arctic Fox" Sportsman's Puck has an ANSI 240 grit on the darker, coarse side, 400 grit on the other, arctic white side. The manufacturer recommends a thin film of water be used to keep the pores of the stone clear while sharpening, but you can use it with your honing oil of choice and use a bit of soap to clear out clogs. The coarse side of the stone readily erases scratch marks from a file as well as minor dings in an edge. The “Arctic Fox sapphire ceramic blend” makes up the fine face. The manufacturer states it will “bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves”. We just know it does good service to a blade. The sharpening stones are made in the USA and strike a sweet spot of portability, performance, and value. Here’s a dual-grit puck that’s worth bringing along with your Frost River Wood Craft Axe or whichever axe graces your camp. As with every time you're working with sharp tools, use caution when sharpening a knife, axe or anything with edges. Frost River is not responsible for how amazingly sharp your axe can get with this tool and any accidents resulting therefrom.


3" diameter x 7/8" h




ANSI 240 (grey), ANSI 400 (arctic white)