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Canvas Cleaner

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Waxed Canvas Cleaner

While the waxed canvas we use for our packs and bags is made to be outdoors picking up the dirt, debris, soot, and char (all the good stuff we fondly refer to as patina) that comes along with life off the beaten path, not everyone agrees with that rugged mindset.  We hear from some customers who want to keep their bag fresh, clean and patina free.

We are excited to offer those purists a canvas cleaner! It's an all natural brew that's made in the USA. It comes in a 3 oz spray can and works great to clean the stuff and active lifestyle leaves behind on a trusty waxed canvas bag.  All the usual disclaimers and recommendations apply when it comes to cleaning waxed canvas.... you really shouldn't.  The material is not to be cleaned, but endure for years as a hard working fabric with classic rustic appeal.  It is supposed to change (and get better) overtime.  The wax coating will last longer and preform better if it's not sprayed and scrubbed repeatedly, so use the spot cleaner sparingly and test small areas first to ensure that you're happy with the results.  Consider adding a bit of Waxed Canvas Conditioner when you're cleaned up to restore the water repellency of your pack or bag.


4.5" H (with out spray top) 5.5"h (with spray top) x 1.25" d, .25 lbs