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Shell Bag

$60.00 — $80.00

Historically, shoulder bags like these would be used to carry the tools and equipment needed to keep a black powder gun running. Now a shell bag could come in handy for anyone looking to expand their carrying capacity a bit by having a big pocket to carry essentials at their fingertips. Shell Bags could be used by hunters to carry extra ammo, or hikers as a ranging shoulder bag to keep stuff dry.  It also makes a distinctive and very functional purse. We’ve also heard they can work great for disc golf discs.


Size: Sm. 7″h x 9″w x 2.5″d. Med. 8″h x 11″w x 2.75″d. Lg. 10″h x 13″w x 3″ d. XL. 13″ h x 16″w x 3.5″ d.
Weight: Sm. 0.85 lbs. Med. 0.90 lbs. Lg. 1.10 lbs. XL. 1.20 lbs.
Closure: Flap over main compartment.
Strap / Length: 0.75″ harnes leather with shoulder pad and buckle. 54″
Exterior Pockets: 1 slip.
Interior Pockets: 1 main.
Materials: 18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.
Made in the USA See where our bags are born.

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