Bazaar Tote


Adaptable, stylish, reliable, the Bazaar Tote is elegantly simple, but gives a lot to like. A big open tote with snaps to shut, a zippered hanging pocket, and bold leather handles and solid brass buckles. It’s a bit of a shapeshifter, helping you get your things where they need to go.

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Additional Information


1428 c.i. (Approx.)


Leather tabs, snaps.


Harness leather.

Interior Pockets

1 hanging zipper.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

Product Description

Adjustable handles allow you to carry or wear a Bazaar Tote.

Free and stylish, it makes no rules on how or what you carry. Run the handles short, it’s a handbag. Extend them long and stick an arm through, it’s a shoulder bag. Internal zippered pocket keeps small items off the bottom. Four leather snap tabs allow you to bring the top together. It is flexible and easy to use– there are no rules with a Bazaar tote.