Growler Packs
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Growler Packs

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Canvas My State Buckskin Patch

Show some regional pride on your Frost River gear with a Canvas My State custom buckskin state patch. More details below.

Keep your suds safe, secure, and ready for travel in a waxed canvas Growler Pack! Available in several varieties, for single growlers or pairs.




Schlep your suds in style with The Original Growler Pack. Whether you’re going to an upscale dinner party, four portages into the Boundary Waters, or just headed home, these beer hauling packs will be the talk of any event.

A layer of foam (the padding kind, not the beer kind) keeps contents cool and a cushy divider in the Double Wide keeps jugs from clanking together. The Original Growler Pack holds one 64 oz. bottle and has backstraps –the Double Wide fits a pair. The Growler SlingPack has a single strap, grab handle, and gathered top, the Growler ZipUp doubles as a lantern pack. Bike or canoe travel? The Growler Pack Rolltop works great strapped horizontally on a frame or thwart (or on a tree branch).

Going for utility? Our Half Gallonish Canvas Bucket won’t care what you haul, growlers to gravel– plus it holds water! …(for a while).

Put some reusable reliability in your beer run… Cheers!

Frost River Canvas My State Buckskin Patches (Available on Single and Double Growler Only): You’re proud of where you’re from, so show it on your new Frost River Reliable Softgoods with one of our custom patches. You can read more about the Canvas My State program here, but the gist is this: when placing an order for certain Frost River gear, you have the option of adding a deerhide buckskin patch. We’ve created 12 iconic regional outlines to choose from. Each patch is made and sewn right in our shop from locally-sourced, natural deerhide buckskin leather. The leather may have scars or other natural blemishes from being a deer in the wild, and it’s the same rugged buckskin that we use on our heavy duty mittens and canoe packs — it’s the good stuff. If we’ve got the bag in stock, we’ll sew your patch on within a couple business days, or if we’re out of stock and need to build your bag from scratch we’ll let you know it’ll take just a little longer. Canvas My State patches are not sold separately.

Can’t find your state? Vote for the next round of patches on social media by sharing a photo of your favorite spot, tagging it with #CanvasMyState and telling us what makes your region special (bonus if you include a piece of Frost River gear in the photo!). We’ll share selected entries and your vote could help get your state, province, lake or region on the waxed canvas map!




960 – Single, 961 – Double Wide, 962 – ZipUp, 963 – SlingPack, 964 – Half Gallonish Bucket, 393 – Rolltop

Size (Details)

Single: 12.5″h x 6″w x 5″d (One growler), Double: 12.5″h x 11.5″w x 5″d (Two growlers), SlingPack: 12.5″h x 6″w x 5″d, ZipUp: 11″h x 7″w x 5″d.

Weight (Details)

Single: 1.15 lbs, Double: 1.90 lbs, SlingPack: 0.70 lbs, ZipUp: 0.65 lbs.


Single: 1″ cotton web with adjustable slides. Double: 2″ cotton web faced with 1″ cotton web with adjustable slides. SlingPack: 5 ft. 1″ cotton web with solid brass slide. ZipUp: 1″ cotton web grab handle.


Original Growler Packs: Large flap covers main compartment, para cord, drawstring gusseted opening. SlingPack: Para cord cinch with cord lock. ZipUp: Nylon coil zipper with two pulls.


Original Growler Packs: 18 oz. waxed canvas, foam pad, premium leather, solid brass hardware. SlingPack: 2 layers 10.10 waxed canvas, foam padding, cotton web, solid brass slides and grommets. ZipUp: 2 layers 10.10 oz. canvas, foam padding,, premium zipper.

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