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Shoulder Strap Upgrades

Explorer Duffel ESB

The shoulder straps we build for our “Reliable Softgoods” are some of the best in the world. The premium bridle leather on our canoe packs is combined with the dense foam padding and faced with buckskin, they are distinctive, durable, and comfortably functional.

Frost River’s Old No.3 equipped with our standard padded leather backstraps


The 2″ shoulder strap on the Frost River Flight Bag is connected by a solid snap hook and brass D-ring. There is a square piece of reinforcement leather backing the D-ring and the connection is also riveted



The web used on all the shoulder straps for our briefcases and luggage is wide, substantial, and will remain in service for years. All the hardware is solid brass.

We take pride in offering the best. We cut no corners on materials or in manufacturing.








Customers have requested we make shoulder straps for the briefcases and luggage that are like our canoe pack backstraps. It’s a great idea, we offer new options to oblige.

We now have a Bridle Leather Pad in four different sizes to be used with our shoulder bags, briefcases, or luggage. Sized from three quarter to two inches, the pads will slide over our attached hardware and can be used to spread out the weight of a bag over a wider portion of the shoulder. Also it will also do wonders to provide extra traction working to eliminate a bag slipping off the shoulder. Designed to work great on an everyday bag, it is low profile to stay out of the way, it works to improve the function and style of any shoulder strap.

A buckskin padded Strap Accessory on a Frost River Single Brief

For heavier duty applications we also have a Padded Buckskin premium version. They are built from the same recipe we’ve successfully used for years on our canoe packs we are excited to offer them for use on our other bags. Padded and faced with buckskin, it will help to take the pain out of a heavy load.  


Solid brass and cotton web, we have replacement straps ready to go

All of our replacement parts are made of the same prime materials we use on the original equipment. The snap hooks, slides, D-rings, machine rivets, posts, buckles, and button snaps are all solid brass. They won’t rust when exposed to water (like in a canoe, camping in the rain), brass will bend before it breaks (as if accidentally slammed in car door), and there is no plating to wear off. Few bag builders use solid brass hardware, most will have steel hardware plated. If you’re curious about the competition’s composition take a magnet to the hardware. Theirs will stick, ours won’t. Solid brass is more expensive to use and more difficult to source, but it is better than plated steel for use on packs and bags that are meant to last a lifetime. 

Just like Frost River– it’s the best. Reliable Softgoods.