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Sustainability – Gooseberry Tote

Frost River Zip Hoodie

The Gooseberry Tote works as a remarkable grocery bag.

Adaptable enough to handle nearly any task regulated to a big bag. The Gooseberry really shines as a big grocery bag.

Tough and durable waxed canvas won’t rip open like paper bags, you won’t have boxes and cartons punching through the side like when using plastic bags, and a Gooseberry is reusable! Plus this big voluminous tote will help haul a whole load of groceries in one trip. Say “so long!” to the landslide of disposable grocery bags piling up in the kitchen cupboard; recycle them and instill some reusability in your routine. The Gooseberry will help “green-up” your grocery run, plus it’s collapsible and foldable so you’ll have it when you need it.

The Gooseberry folds small enough to stash inside a briefcase, shoulder bag, or glovebox. Keep one close at hand then use it to cut down on your use of disposable plastic bags.

The Gooseberry works great for a stop at the superstore too. Mega rolls and jumbo packs? … No problem.