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Sustainability – Growler Pack

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Take a break from recycling all those bottles and cans this Earth Day. 

A Double Wide Growler Pack holds two glass, plastic, or stainless steel half gallon bottles.

Inject a little reusability in your next beer run by getting refilled. Visit a local brewery and (if legal in your area) get a growler to go. It won’t take many beer runs for you to begin coming out ahead. It also won’t take long to realize that those half gallon jugs are heavy and aren’t that easy to carry… especially if you need to tote them further than a couple blocks. Our Growler Packs can really help. Not only do they make it easier to carry those bottles but they offer padding to insulate and protect your investment. It also helps to keep you inconspicuously dignified as you stroll along carrying a bunch of beer.

Double on the left, single on the right. We make the Growler Packs in Duluth.

When not in use on a beer run, the packs can be handy as a daypack. Other than the foam padding there is little difference from our Mini or Standard Knapsack… They’ll work just fine as a daypack. And being made of waxed canvas they’ll take abuse and raging weather in stride and just keep looking good and developing their own sort of character.

So this year for Earth Day celebrate sustainability by buying locally from a brewer in your area and reusing a growler instead of recycling a bunch of bottles and cans.  

Growlers are normally filled at the same tap as the pints are filled.