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Sustainability – Lunch Bags

Cutting Board
Simple rolled top with a leather closure bag sized to carry a lunch

Frost River’s Waxed Canvas Lunchbag— This thing nearly has sustainability written all over it. Use it for lunch and so much more. It keeps right on working and can even help you out of a messy situation.

The Frost River reusable Canvas Lunch Bag is big enough across the bottom to lay a 20 bottle. The waxed canvas will help to contain a spill.

If your lunch suffers some sort of blowout, the waxed canvas will slow that spill down and help to contain your mess. We have also heard positive reports of the insulating properties of waxed canvas. The lunchbags aren’t lined or padded but the canvas is heavy, substantial and reliable. They’re even popular in Germany.

…If you plan to cook your lunch our cook pot fits inside nicely.