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Top 6 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted by BigCommerce

Top 6 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Outfit Your Mom With Frost River Gear!


There are very few people in the world who are more deserving of a Frost River item for Mother’s Day than, well, mothers. From introducing us to the outdoors, to bandaging up our knees when we experienced the outdoors a little too hard, you can always count on a mother to be there. Whether they’re a biological mother, step mother, grandmother, Godmother, or simply a mother figure, we have all had a woman in our life to turn to in times of need.

Picking out the perfect Mother’s Day gift is challenging. She is deserving of the world, but you want to find something extra special to make her day. That being said, we have compiled a list of the top six Frost River items that would make PERFECT gifts for this Mother’s Day!

#6 Bottle Tote









This is for the mom who is ready to party! The single sized Bottle Tote can fit an entire bottle of wine while the double can fit two! Never worry about breaking a bottle in transit, as this pack is lined with sherpa pile lining, making sure your bottles are safe and protected.








The Waxed Canvas Double Wide Bottle Tote is made in Duluth, MN out of premium materials.
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#5 Brewsana Yoga Mat Tote

The Brewasana Yoga Mat Tote has long cotton shoulder straps and a large waxed canvas pocket that has a long zipper to make taking the mat out easy.
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This pack is designed for exactly what the name suggests. Carry around your favorite yoga mat with ease with long, comfortable straps. Made of durable waxed canvas, you’ll never have to worry about getting your mat dirty! This is perfect for the mom who enjoys the many mental and physical benefits of yoga.






#4 Gooseberry Tote







Want to shop in style? Look no further than the Gooseberry Tote! Designed with ease in mind, this handy tote folds up nice and small and doesn’t take up space when not in use. When it is in use, however, it can hold a LOT! With a convenient snap over the opening, you won’t have to worry about the contents falling out!






This tote is a great alternative to disposable grocery bags and its size will hold many items.
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#3 Urban Field Bag

The Urban Field Bag is made in America at Frost River out of waxed canvas, solid brass hardware, and a cotton webbed strap.
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This little shoulder bag is a favorite around the Frost River shop! This small, unassuming bag might not look like it can carry much, but it most definitely can! With multiple compartments and zippers, you can carry your phone, wallet, keys, and so much more with this durable purse.








#2 Ranger Short Shoulder Bag








Next on the list is another purse that is sure to dazzle. The Ranger Short Shoulder Bag is an exquisite purse made from premium leather and durable waxed canvas. This simple, yet elegant shoulder bag is perfect for any occasion. From a night on the town, to a day trip to Grand Marais, the Ranger Short Shoulder Bag will be by your side every step of the way.





Ranger Short Shoulder Bag front, made from premium leather and durable waxed canvas.
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#1 Lookout Daggett Daypack

Lookout Daggett Day Pack, Premium leather lid and front pocket.
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A Leather-clad Day Pack built with premium styling and multi-use functionality in mind. This durable pack is small in stature but big when it comes to catching eyes. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design, this compact pack is feature-full. With vast amounts of premium leather and solid brass fittings, this pack will be the talk of the town!






Get the mother-figure in your life something she will cherish forever this Mother’s Day. Frost River can also personalize certain packs with a monogram to make the gift even more special. Couldn't find exactly what you were looking for on this page? No problem! We have a Gift Guide for Moms that can be found HERE! With Mother’s Day coming up THIS SUNDAY (May 8th, 2022), make sure to order your gift quickly! We hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Mother’s Day!