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Traveler's Gift Guide

Posted by Alex Messenger

Traveler's Gift Guide

Travel is the heart of adventure.

It doesn’t matter if scanning a passport at ticketing, embarking on a canoe country expedition, undertaking a wilderness sojourn on two legs, pedaling a fat bike into the cold unknown, or striking out on an epic road trip… even a quick trip to Gramma’s for the weekend… all are great for a traveler’s soul and all-the-more enjoyable with some trusty bags. All our waxed canvas bags are made at Frost River, they’re guaranteed to last, and will get better with age and use. They carry character as well as your belongings.

Take a look through our Traveler’s Gift Guide for our top picks for the wanderer on your list.

Frost River's Isle Royale Bushcraft, waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware -- American made, lifetime guaranteed, rugged perfection.

Isle Royale Jr. - A canoe pack at heart, the Isle Royale doubles as a capable daypack as well. Overbuilt to endure heavy loads and designed to offer a spot for bushcrafting essentials, the 2-in-1 pockets straddle an axe sleeve on the front of the pack. Several lash points at the top and bottom allow exterior gear storage in addition to the main compartment and pockets of the bag. Waxed canvas construction provides weather resistance and durability. Travel like a woodsman, forget about wheeled luggage, wear your carry on bag. Made at Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Timber Cruiser Jr PackTimber Cruiser Jr. - A canoe pack that’s been sized down for smaller loads, the Timber Cruiser Jr., like the Isle Royale, is overbuilt to endure heavy loads. 2-in-1 side pockets offer spots for a water bottle or change of clothes, while the large main compartment can carry an entire weekend trip’s worth of gear. Soft-sided construction means it’ll scrunch down if you don’t overfill it.

397 Arrowhead 15 Eco by Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. Guaranteed for life.

Arrowhead RollTop ECO - Carry a little or a lot in this capable, adaptable, weather tight daypack. The rolled top allows the main compartment to expand or contract. Waxed canvas keeps the rain, snow, and weather out. The handy ECO side pockets provide spots for water bottles or small stuff with a snap top closure. Long leather flap straps, lash squares and attachment loops provide exterior cargo options.

Summit Expedition PackSummit Expedition - A full-featured rucksack with canvas padded backstraps, traveling with this pack keeps you ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Carry on compliant with the airlines, this would make a great go-to bag for travels both on and off the beaten path. Lots of options with the Expedition.

876-voyageur-backpack_pack_smVoyageur Backpack Luggage - Here’s a crossover design that works well in the field, on the job, and traveling about. The heavy duty full zipper lets the bag open wide for loading and seeing what’s inside. Plenty of lash points on the outside, along with XP snaps on the inside, provide options for organization and storage. Carry the bag as you want, backpack straps, handles, or an optional shoulder strap let you carry it as you please. Two sizes available, the Backpack Brief is smaller, the Backpack Luggage is larger. Both stay inside carry on compliance for airline travel, carry both!

NavigatorNavigator - Luggage disguised as a briefcase. There’s capacity for both roles in the Navigator. Big side pockets provide room for a change of clothes. The large main compartment has room to spare for personal and professional belongings. Not too big to act as a regular brief either.

p-363-652-Flight-BagSMALLFlight Bag - Cram stuff in or pack neatly, it won’t matter when traveling with a Flight Bag. One large, main compartment holds more than you’d expect. The size and shape promote portability, waxed canvas construction is guaranteed to last. A great bag for weekend getaways and the unique ability to always pack a little more.

Overland Luggage - Our top shelf bags. Waxed canvas, solid brass, lots of leather, all steeped in heritage nostalgia. The Overland Valise and Garment Bag borrow from a different era, a time of more deliberate travel, and a classic sense of style. Carry well, be distinctive, and harken back to a time more golden with luggage like none other

Overland Luggage-Valise - Weekender or CarryOn sizes with a triple-buckled top flap covering a zip opening. Inside there’s a divider and zippered pocket. Shoulder strap and old world charm included.

-Garment Bag - Forget the folding, hang your clothes and carry a first class Garment Bag! Great for suits, good for regular clothes too. Handcrafted from waxed canvas, leather, and brass instills a sense of travel worthy of a trip on the Orient Express, it’ll work wonders on your layover in Cincinnati.

Explorer Duffel BagExplorer Duffels - Durable duffel bags overbuilt for all kinds of adventures. The Explorers offer heavy duty web straps that wrap completely around the duffel body to instill confidence with heavy loads. Pockets and dust flaps help organize and protect your gear, while waxed canvas double bottom gives twice the durability. Add backpack straps with the Explorer ESBs.

850-zippy-drawingZippy Tote - The Zippy is a cross between a tote bag and luggage. A large, heavy duty zippered opening helps secure your things, while also making them easy to get to. An included shoulder strap helps to haul a heavy load, while rolled leather handles make it easy to tote. Works great as a personal item for those things you want to keep with you like your headphones, lunch and a Frost River catalog.

RollUp Dopp KitRollUp Travel Kit - A little bag that rolls up to keep your important toiletries easy to find. Hangs up from a hook, bar, or whatever you sling the snap strap around. Mesh pockets, a spacious pleated snap pocket and XP snap compatibility gives plenty of organizational options. Made in Duluth.

Frost River Accessory BagAccessory Bags - Little bags that’ll carry a lot. The triangular shape that’s wide on the bottom and narrow at the top provides more capacity than expected. From tinder to toothpaste to charging cords, you’ll find plenty of uses for a handy little waxed canvas bag.

Temperance ToteTemperance Tote - Here’s a cross between a purse and a briefcase. The Temperance is handbuilt using rich a leather bottom and accents that’ll get better with age. Handles attach using brass roller buckles to allow adjustment between making it a handbag and a shoulder bag. Organization on the inside, plus a zippered top, make this a versatile bag.

Bazaar ToteBazaar Tote - A big bag with adjustable leather handles, our Bazaar Tote is adaptable from a purse, to a carry on, to a grocery bag… whatever you need to carry, this tote can help. Interior snap tabs bring the sides together. A hanging zippered pocket is there to keep little stuff off the bottom of the bag. It’s a great size, shape, and design- here’s a worthy travel and errand-running partner.

Sawbill Trail Handlebar Bag No. 382 by Frost River

Sawbill Trail Bike Bag - Designed around the handlebars of a bike, there’s capacity to carry what needs to be brought along when traveling with a Sawbill. It also compliments a pack for exterior compartments. Leather straps offer a universal fit, brass rings on the ends are there for extra stabilization or to use it with a strap as a small shoulder bag. Waxed canvas promotes rides in the rain and puddle hopping.

Frost River CapWaxed Canvas Cap - Everyone needs a trusty cap, why not have one made in the USA from reliable and functional waxed canvas? We offer them in traditional 6 panel, and our new, lower profile 5 panel varieties. You can find both in multiple colors. Hats off to American Manufacturing!

Growler Packs

Growler Sling Pack - Bring a growler along! Life could be better when traveling with a bit of craft beer and a Growler Pack can help. Insulated, padded, carry handle equipped for wherever you need to go. Be welcomed more warmly at your travel destination when you arrive with a round of refreshments. Cheers!