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Visit to Northland College

We were recently invited to Northland College in Ashland WI to set up a display at their Wildness Week program. Happy to have the opportunity to meet new Wisconsin friends and neighbors, we jumped at the chance and brought a load of Frost River packs and bags.

Packs and bags at Northland College in Ashland. There is a CarryOn Flight Bag on the table behind the sign, an Arrowhead Roll Top, Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack, and a Camp Cook’s Kitchen. There is a Simple Book Pack to the left of the sign, on the floor at the base of the sign is a Simple Brief, an Old No. 7, an Isle Royale Jr. Bushcraft Pack is on the chair.

There wasn’t much of a chance to catch many of the programs going on in the auditorium. But did have the opportunity to chat with several  people as they were going into and coming out of the discussions, and was pleased to chat with students as they made their way to and from class. There was also a chance to learn about some new hiking spots from the Chequamegon Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. They are doing great work building and maintaining hiking trail through the national forest of NW Wisconsin. 

Katie and Dave from Solstice Outdoors also had a table outside the auditorium. They run a really cool shop in downtown Ashland. From them I learned about what’s new with high tech materials for rain jackets and bandanas and was happy to have friendly neighbors with which to spend the day.

Northland College also hosts the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute on their campus. I was happy to have the chance to see some of the outdoor stuff that Sig used.

Sig Olson’s folding and fixed blade knife with sheath plus his Quetico Guide’s License from 1926.


Sig Olson’s hat and pack along with a snowshoe, and voyageur sash that he would wear.

Overall it was a great way to spend a Friday. 

Thanks to Northland College for the hospitality and thanks to all those who stopped by to say “Hi”.