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Waxed Canvas or Tin Cloth– a history

Frost River Cap

Waxed canvas is the original weather-resistant fabric.  Long before laminated membranes and PVC coated synthetic fabrics came into style for outdoor gear, enthusiasts were using waxed canvas.  It was nick named “Tin Cloth” because it was so durable.   A century ago tin was some of the toughest stuff around, now “tin cloth” remains durable, reliable, and is the best stuff in the world to rely on to get your gear into, and out of, the northern canoe country.

Our waxed canvas is dry to the touch, doesn’t smell, and is durable. The wax is stuck down deep in the fibers of the canvas.

All Frost River packs and bags are built from waxed canvas.  They are meant to be used, and guaranteed to hold up when used as they were designed.  All the components that go into our packs and bags are the best.  We put them together with a “function first” mindset and encourage you to use them as an excuse to get outside and put some memories on your reliable softgoods.