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Wrought Iron Wares

We have some new items available in the Cabin Accessories department. Handcrafted hangers, a dinner bell, a fire tender, and a t.p. rack. All are made of iron– forged in a smithy by Paul Webster and his apprentice blacksmiths of the Green Fire Forge and Forging Community. We’ve been working with Paul for years, offering his line of wrought iron wares in our store in Duluth, now we are able to bring an offering of these distinctive and robust items here.

Handmade by a real blacksmith, these are the real thing. Large, Medium, and Small Hooks, a “leaf” t.p. rack for the bathroom, a triangular dinner bell with clanger, and a Firetender with a hook on one end and bend for a handle.

This stuff is not novel or dainty, it is better in every way than what you could buy from mass production. The forging process creates a stronger and more robust metal than a cheap casting could create. Paul explains how he makes the items and how the heating and quenching, pounding, bending, tapering, and working the steel aligns internal structures and makes it superior to how it was before. This is real deal stuff from a real blacksmith who lives and works near our shop in Duluth. He’s got big arms from swinging hammers and his hands are well used and durable. As rough as blacksmithing can be, Paul is able to achieve surprising detail and artistic talent.

The handle of the “Clanger” for the Dinner Bell is crafted with twists and a loop. It is all done the traditional blacksmith way, heated in a forge and pounded by hand.


The “leaf” from the t.p. rack shows a surprising detail. This is old world artistry compliments of Paul the Blacksmith


Blacksmiths know their fire. This firetender has great angles, it would work great for arranging wood in a campfire or fireplace. The handle design makes a good cool grip.

You can find these items on our Frost River website under “Cabin Accessories“. We also carry handmade iron tent stakes made by Paul and his apprentices.