What you put in is
what you get out.

Trust us, there are easier ways to make things. We make things the way we make them because it's the best way to make them. Period.


Canoe Packs
are our Roots.

We pride ourselves in making reliable canoe packs... it's what we do.  We use the same materials, the same construction techniques in all Frost River packs and bags as we use in our canoe packs.

 The Best Raw Materials on the Planet.

There is no better canvas, better leather, or better hardware, we put the best materials in every bag we make. So you can get a lot out of them when you go forth into the wilderness, be it the BWCA, the Yukon, or the Lower East Side.

Handcraft Machine

If we could build a machine to make our bags to our standard, freeing us to go fishing on the Frost River for two weeks, we would. But, until that glorious day, our machine is us—the people who build the best bags on this green earth. 

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Our Prices Reflect Our Character — Fixed and Fair.

Everything we do, we do for a reason.
Everything we make has a specific purpose.
Every stitch, every rivet, every decision is intentional.
Here are the goods that are built to go on.


We do what we say
and stand behind what we do.

We live in a society where people are now called “consumers.” Gobble. Spit out. Move on. Gobble some more. Thanks, but no thanks.

How about instead, let’s build stuff to last.
Everything on this earth that is important requires maintenance. Care. Feeding. Tuning. Upkeep. If it’s “maintenance free,” well, you know you’ve got a real piece of junk on your hands. Something that was built to be thrown away.

That’s why we make things that are generation-proof.
As in, you buy it, you use it, you pass it on to your kids.
Stuff that is strong. Things that are purposeful. Goods that come with a work ethic. And if, after years and years and years of hard use, you find that these loyal companions need a tune-up, a patch, a stitch—so be it.  You’ll fix them. Because they’ve earned it.

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