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Backpacks for Laptop Computers

Posted by David

Backpacks for Laptop Computers

Would you like a paddded sleeve with that? 

Thoughts on carrying a laptop in an everyday backpack

Scurrying across a ridge top or commuting around campus, an active person is going to need a trusty go-to pack from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great to have one bag to go from travel in the field and then off to school and into work? Waxed canvas keeps the weather out when outdoors, sheds spots and stains wherever you find them, wears well (it’s been called “tin cloth” because it’s tough like tin, some of the burliest stuff around a hundred years ago) plus it looks great. Our Field Tan waxed canvas is rugged yet stays professional, and gets better all the time, developing a unique patina and character with age and use. Waxed canvas is an awesome material for a multi-purpose day pack.

Carry one pack for adventures on the trail, at work and in the classroom

The bags:

The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Brief at Ely's Peak.

Voyageur - Here’s a convertible crossover that’s able to be worn as a pack or carried as a brief. The bag opens wide, offers a padded sleeve along with exterior lash squares and a daisy chained length of web. The backstraps are stowable when you want them out of the way. Inside we placed snaps that are spaced to work with our Accessory Bag XP’s in either backpack (vertical) or briefcase (horizontal) orientation. The Voyageur Backpack Brief is sized for portability, the Voyageur Luggage is sized for more capacity.

North Bay Daypack No.435 by Frost River, at home on campus or on the trail. Built in USA from waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass.

North Bay Daypack No. 437 by Frost River

North Bay Daypack - A classic shape with a rounded top. Our North Bay Pack is made from reliable materials with a logical layout; the zippers make getting into and out of the pack a breeze. Available with a foam padded laptop sleeve or with a slip pocket of unlined canvas. Either with a standard capacity 5” side gusset or a wider 7” gusset for more space.

Itinerant Daypack No. 895 by Frost RiverItinerant - Great for school, the rectangular shape works for books, a laptop, folders and papers. There are dividers inside the zipper pocket to keep your utensils straight. The Premium model adds leather and a sleeve at the back. You get the choice of adding padding or not for the sleeve.

Itasca Outset DaypackA little larger for bigger books, binders, or computers. Lash tabs provide options for exterior cargo. Inside, there are Itasca Outset Daypack No. 430 by Frost Riverdividers in the pocket and a hanging pocket in the pack to keep little stuff off the bottom of the pack. The main zipper opens wide, and the pack lays flat to get at everything in a flash. There’s a laptop sleeve that you have the choice to get padded or not.

396 Arrowhead ECO Roll Top Pack by Frost River on a trail in Duluth. The Arrowhead is a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. The ECO features expandable, snappable side pockets, and extra internal pockets & sleeves, including one for a laptop. Made in USA, guaranteed for life.

397 Arrowhead 15 Eco by Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. Guaranteed for life.

Arrowhead Rolltop eco- side pockets and a padded laptop sleeve separate the eco from our standard Arrowhead pack. The rolltop design is wondrously suited to a waxed canvas bag. It makes a super weather tight closure that will expand up and down to accommodate varying sized loads. There’s a web loop for a blinking bike light plus lash squares for tying stuff to the outside. The side pockets will hold a round 1L bottle and snap closed when not full or when you want to be sure everything stays put.

Premium Mesabi Range Daypack No. 722 by Frost River

Premium Mesabi Range Daypack- A similar sized pack body to the Arrowhead Rolltop but with a buckled flap instead of a rolled top. There are leather backstraps that can be upgraded to match our canoe pack straps, just sized down to daypack proportions. There are dividers inside the pack along with a full width slip pocket for papers, folders, or a magazine. The laced cord is there to provide options for lashing, and an exterior zip pocket keeps small items handy without breaking into the main pack.

Sojourn Skinny Pack available with a padded sleeve or as the box style (with wider side gussets) for more capacity.

Sojourn PackSojourn - If your style is the old style, here’s a new pack for you! Leather pack straps, solid brass roller buckles, waxed canvas throughout, we build the Sojourns just like a small canoe pack. The Sojourn Skinny is envelope style where the front and back are sewn directly together. The regular Sojourn is box style where there’s an extra gusset panel to increase capacity. Padding in the laptop sleeve is possible for each. Classic character is built into each.

Working in Bent Paddle Brewing Co.'s taproom with the Frost River 898 Premium Carrier Brief Messenger Bag, 826 Padfolio, and 933 Lunch Bag.

898 Premium Carrier Brief Messenger Bag from Frost River is a classy and classic waxed canvas messenger bag, with lots of premium leather, inside organization, a 2" cotton strap with pad and padded laptop sleeve.

Premium Carrier Brief- A messenger shoulder bag that means business. The padded sleeve is at the back of the bag, right at the hip where it belongs. An organizer panel keeps your stuff straight, the wide strap is long enough for most to wear it across the chest, plus there’s a leather shoulder pad to even out the weight of a heavy load.

Insert Padded SleeveInsert Padded Sleeve - turn any pack or bag into a haven for your laptop or tablet with our padded sleeve. Made of hard-wearing 10.10 ounce waxed Canvas, the padded sleeve is a low-profile way to carry your sensitive gadgets in comfort. Available in sizes to fit a wide array of gadgets.

Whichever pack or bag you choose, know that it was built by people who care about quality, right here in the USA. All of our Frost River packs are guaranteed to hold up for years of hard use outdoors. There’s unmatched character that develops in a waxed canvas bag. It ages like no other material, is repairable, and has integrity built into every stitch, rivet, buckle, and strap. What better bag can you send with a favorite student headed into the wilds of the real world?