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The Handcrafted Hub of Frost River... The Store!

The Handcrafted Hub of Frost River... The Store!

The Frost River Trading Co. at 1910 West Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota is the hub of all things Frost River. First and foremost, it’s a store. It's THE Store for everything Frost River related! It's where you can find all the goods we make and some additional items that we think you'll like from other American makers. Of course, the waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories are made right here, by us, upstairs and downstairs. Also, all the hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, cups, cook, and kitchenware, the books, games, and gifts are all Made in the USA. We’re American manufacturers, and we support other fellow American makers by selectively carrying their goods.

Having both our local retail store and online website allows us to carry a more extensive inventory for a locally owned shop in Duluth, which means more items for customers to choose from. The store inventory is the stock for our e-commerce website. All the online orders get processed through the store, pulled directly from a shelf, and carried back to the shipping area to be prepared and packed for delivery. 

Walk-in shoppers experience the sound of the jingle bells on the door and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in an easy-going, no pressure, shopping experience. Visitors get the chance to see, touch, and test the scale of most everything we make. And, we offer tours of our manufacturing areas where guests can meet the cutters and sewers making the very packs for sale in the store.

In the years before we moved to our permanent location on West Superior Street in 2011, we had no retail presence and were strictly an online and phone order business. But we always wanted to be a part of something more, a community within Duluth, Minnesota where we call home. Things didn’t immediately change when we got our storefront. We knew life wouldn't turn overnight and so we stuck to what we know best; making packs and bags that are meant to be used and hold up for years of regular use. Over time we began to attract locals and passers-through, some headed to the Boundary Waters. Soon, we also started to get great neighbors! Bent Paddle Brewing Co. commenced brewing their iconic beers from the waters of Lake Superior across the street directly behind us. OMC Smokehouse, right across from our front door brought delicious craft BBQ and meats with a soul that is all Duluth. Duluth Pottery moved in down the block and the Duluth Folk School is a neighbor down the block and a haven for aspiring makers. On our same block, we now also have Corktown Deli and Brews and Love Creamery Ice Cream and espresso! All like-minded manufacturers, producing and cooking the best products they know how with passion by hand. It’s fantastic, and our little neighborhood has blossomed into the Duluth “Craft District.” It's a neighborhood alive with positive energy where visitors can see, taste, smell, and experience all sorts of good things being made! Plus, there's plenty of free parking!

There is an edge to the good, that is growth and increasing demand. We’re not complaining here, not by any means. It’s just meant to provide you with a perspective. During busy times (the holiday shopping season for one), when you place an order with us online, there may be a slight delay if we don’t have what you want on the shelf in the store. There’s no shipping container to pull from, but there are also no tariffs, taxes, fees, or customs delays that come with importing goods from overseas. If more inventory is needed, we will make more.

As always, Thank-You so much for the support, and thank-you for the orders; from the past, this season, and into the future, we couldn’t do any of this without you. You’re the best! Stop by and see us sometime, we’d be happy to give you a tour and help introduce you to some of the other great stuff being made right here in Duluth.

Send us or tag us in a photo of you with your Frost River gear. Old stories as well as new are welcome, both have character.