If you’re having a hard time choosing a pack and want to talk to someone about making your choice, please give us a call. Want to check the status of your order? Please check your inbox and junkmail folder first. We send automated emails from the shipping companies with tracking numbers and shipping information — be sure what you’re looking for didn’t get labeled as junk-mail. If you still have questions or have a problem with your order we can certainly give you a personalized update.

If you’re more comfortable with email correspondence, we happily do that as well.
For general questions: frostriverorders@frostriver.com is monitored and the messages get quickly disbursed to the most qualified person to answer your question. We can send photos and specs to help compare items or offer encouragement. Let us know what you need.

Wholesale inquiries and larger orders:

Please send questions to frsales@frostriver.com

Marketing opportunities?

Please send emails to frmarketing@frostriver.com

Give us a call, we like to talk about packs and bags!

Feel free to use our 800 number inside the USA:
1-800-FROST-84 (1-800-376-7884)

Outside the USA or if you prefer long distance charges:
(218) 727-1472

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