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Frost River Sweatshirt

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1.00 LBS

It's not easy to find a great sweatshirt. It's gotta have the right feel (heavyweight material), it's gotta be cut well (just long enough in just the right places), and it needs to be a cool color (no pastels please). If it has all that, is made in America, and advertises a cause you believe in with a cool logo... it makes it an easy decision. Our hoodie and crewneck sweatshirts are made in U.S.A. of an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, that much cotton makes it soft, the polyester adds durability and functional value outdoors. Navy, Brown, and Gray are classic, bold colors that work outside or indoors and will look good on men or women. The Frost River logo with our caribou mascot is skillfully embroidered in three colors on the chest. Check our our Zip Hoodies here. Invest in a sweatshirt that's easily wearable and display some Frost River pride.