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The Knapsack is made in America and crafted from waxed canvas, premium leather, and solid brass hardware.

Do nothing in haste, wrote Edward Whymper after his first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1868, look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end. We took Mr. Whymper’s words to heart as we designed this Knapsack: simple and well thought out — like the ones we see him wearing in old engravings from the Golden Age of Mountaineering. The generous top-flap buckles over the Knapsack's ample opening; cordlock and drawstring cinch out spindrift and alpine blasts. Comfortably wide cotton web shoulder straps plus a large grab loop complete the pared-down elegance of the Frost River Knapsack. A classic daypack, simple, functional, and effective-- The Knapsack's size works great for kids or adults, the shape works fine for folders and textbooks, there's room for a fleece jacket and a lunch. It's easy to pack and easy to wear, the size prevents you from packing too much but allows just enough. Like everything we make, the Knapsack is made by hand by Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota, and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. It's built to last. Now you're ready to follow in Whymper's footsteps, or simply carry his book Scrambles Amongst the Alps down to the coffee shop.


13"h x 12.5"w x 4.5"d


Approx. 730 c.i.


Internal hanging zipper.


Para cord cinch, flap over main compartment.


2″ cotton web faced with 1″ cotton web.


1″ cotton web.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

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    Frost River Knapsack

    Posted by Clark Strand on Apr 9th 2021

    This item has all of the best features of Frost River’s fine line of outdoor products: excellent craftsmanship, durable materials, and that not-too-heavy/not-too-light sweet spot for classic woodsman gear. My only critique is the straps.

    I’d have been willing to pay a little more for better materials there. Am I wrong in assuming that this product is an update of the L.L. Bean classic single-compartment canvas knapsack that so many of us carried in the 70s and 80s before they were replaced by ripstop nylon? If so, it would have been a good idea to keep the design of those leather-reinforced eye-hole adjustable shoulder straps rather than going to a dumbed-down all-cotton D-ring solution.

    Admittedly, I am splitting hairs here. You won’t find a better basic waxed canvas knapsack on the market. But I do wish the designers would go all the way with this particular product and produce a real classic, as L.L. Bean did in the earlier version of this pack. I wore out three versions of the earlier model. If Frost River had made it instead of L.L. Bean, I’m sure I wouldn’t have needed to replace it. The Frost River materials are vastly superior, as is the craftsmanship, which is truly unrivaled in the industry.

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    Posted by John on Feb 2nd 2021

    Love this pack. Surprising all you can get inside. Quality and craftsmanship are great.

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    Posted by David on Sep 8th 2020

    Just purchased the Frost River knappsack from the 1948 company here in the UK, and wow! I'm so impressed with the sublime quality of it, didn't think they made things this good anymore in this day and age! Thick, strong waxed cotton, gorgeous leather, brass fittings, worth every penny, this will out last me for sure true craftsmanship! Well done Frost River and thank you.

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    Posted by Anonymous on Jun 17th 2020

    This is my second knapsack. I loved the first one so much that I decided to use it as an EDC bag. This second knapsack is what I will be using as my travel bag which will be paired with a Summit Expedition that I will be purchasing in a couple of months for my international travels. These two bags that I will be using for traveling will have the State patch sewed on to them.

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    Simple, elegantly functional

    Posted by Christoph on May 27th 2020

    I really like this knapsack. It's simple and elegant. It's small, perfect for a day at the park or messing around town. Extremely comfortable for light loads, and of course, well made.

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    Posted by Manny on Apr 27th 2020

    This is my fifth Frost River product. Just got it yesterday so I have not gotten the chance to use it yet but I stuffed it with the usual clothes I need for an overnight trip(1 pair of jeans, 1 t-shirt, 1 sock and underwear, shave kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, pocket knife, and iPhone charger). It is just perfect for that. I also realized that it will be also perfect as my day pack when I go on vacation to Europe, Asia, or whatever continent. Will be getting the Summit Expedition Pack next and these two will accompany me on my adventures all over the world. It will be just like my college days when I used to take the Eurorail all over Europe with my big pack behind me and my smaller pack on my chest.

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    My third FR bag

    Posted by Brian on Feb 19th 2020

    The knapsack has proven to be the perfect model for my hike on Kauai Island’s Pihea Trail; my 150-600mm lens, a 18-200mm, my DSLR body, a water bottle, nutrition bars, and binoculars. The quality is everything i’ve Come to expect from my Isle Royal and Summit Boulder Junction bags. These are lifetime investments.

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    Frost River Knapsack

    Posted by Marilyn Zornado on Sep 17th 2019

    Thanks! I love this pack. I've been carrying it to work everyday for five years. One corner finally wore out, so I looked at your site and could order a replacement, and it was exactly the same high quality. Of course, I've kept the old one, just needs one repair, it is a little beat up for work, but it will be great for hiking.

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    Great workmanship

    Posted by Robert Herrera on May 19th 2019

    My wife needed a pack for traveling, she didn’t want something too big but it had to have “style”. I found Frost River and showed her this pack. When we received it, I immediately noticed the quality and she loved the looks and feel of it, perfect size too! Should last forever. Now I may look for a pack for me too...