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Manitou Shoulder Bag

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3.00 LBS
The Manitou Shoulder Bag is made of waxed canvas, premium leather, and solid brass hardware in Duluth, MN.
A bag for action, the Big Manitou has big quick access front pockets, a big quick access main compartment and lots of organization. A leather shoulder strap and leather flap accent give this shoulder bag enough class for the boardroom, while the Frost River reliable construction makes it ready for whatever adventure you throw at it.

858 – Little Manitou, 866 – Medium Manitou, 859 – Big Manitou


Little: 9″h x 11″w x 4″d, Medium: 10″h x 13″w x 4.5″d, Big: 11"h x 16.5"w x 5"d.


Little: 1.65 lbs, Medium: 1.95 lbs, Big: 3.0 lbs.


Large flap over main compartment.


0.75″ harness leather strap with shoulder pad and buckle – 54″ in length.


Little & Medium: 1 zip on back, 1 zip on front with smaller organizational pockets and business card holder.

Big: 2 gusseted with leather strap & SB snap post closure, 1 full-width zippered.


Little & Medium: 1 full-width slip.

Big: 1 full-width slip, smaller organizational pockets with leather business card holder.


18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

The Manitou Collection

Filling the role of a minimalist briefcase the Little and Medium Manitou have all the features of a full brief, like the Big Manitou, but are scaled down to tablet size. An internal slip pocket divides the main compartment, an organizer panel offers spots for all your stuff. The reliable leather shoulder strap has a sliding patch to distribute weight. Promote yourself by carrying a smaller bag, your frame will appreciate the upgrade.

The largest of the shoulder bags and least handle clad of the briefcases, the Big Manitou is distinctive. It is strictly a shoulder bag, having no traditional handle. The twin exterior pockets have a strap and post setup to offer security of contents. An inside organization panel offers pockets for pens and pencils, business cards and documents. A large zippered compartment offers a spot to keep the most important papers safe. The shoulder strap is leather with a wide pad. Full waxed canvas construction, great leather, and solid brass hardware; it all combines to make a great all-around shoulder bag.


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    Little Manitou

    Posted by Jerry Parker on May 25th 2020

    Amazing! I am in love with this product and seek out excuses just to use it. I bought this to hold my binoculars and birding guide. So many of the pouches for this function require you to cram them in to fit, which harms the book. This is just big enough to hold both, a small flask of water, and a few essentials. My previous career was as a pack designer and I am blown away by the simplicity and quality of materials. My only request would be to add swivel snaps at the end of the strap to keep them from trapping the binocular straps. Do yourself a favor and splurge on this wonderful American made product.

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    Shoulder strap

    Posted by Fox on Jan 6th 2020

    I purchased this bag over a year ago for the craftsmanship and handmade quality. I have used it as a side bag almost daily for work hiking etc. the water proof canvas is a game changer its easy to clean and extremely durable! I have to say the one thing I was very disappointed in was the leather used in the strap, after a couple months of use it started to ripple and reveal it was more of a patent leather and not the solid strong piece of durable leather I imagine "bridle leather" would be. It has definitely held up and I continue to use it, I have zero regrets with the purchase but I feel if the quality of the leather in the straps was upgraded it would take the product from upper mid range quality to perfection!

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    LITTLE Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Posted by Paul Demers on Dec 22nd 2019

    I've read the reviews and there doesn't seem to be much said about the Little Manitou. I have been carrying this small bag every day for just over a year. It serves me very well; carries everything I need when I'm away from home. It is small (about 9 X 11 X 4) but still fits all my stuff quite comfortably. The actual design and construction of this bag is better than it appears on the surface. There are doubled panels throughout and it's all 18 ounce canvas.
    No one has mentioned something I discovered when I first bought it: The zipper on the back opens up two compartments, one on the back and a compartment in the flap that will hold a small notebook or other items. I keep a portable leather strop there to hone my pocket knife. And itt also adds weight to the flap and keeps it steady. A great bag that looks great but is not so noticeable. I really like great gear that doesn't call attention to itself, and that is this bag.

  • 5
    Manitou medium

    Posted by Arthur Bankoff on Jul 10th 2019

    Great bag, right size and looks good. A it heavier than I expected, but very solid.

  • 5
    Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Posted by Doug on Jun 4th 2019

    I love it!

  • 5
    Manitou Shoulder Bag with monogram

    Posted by Shawn Byrley on May 3rd 2019

    This bag is everything the website said it would be. The bag's material and stitching appears to be very durable but the bag is still light. Incredibly well made. I did have an issue with shipping, the first bag I ordered was lost. Frost River expedited a replacement bag and had it to me withing a few days. Great customer service.

  • 5

    Posted by Laura O'Brien on Apr 26th 2019

    I first ordered the large field satchel for a trip, and I was disappointed when it arrived and was much smaller than I anticipated (still gorgeous, love the bag). I called your store and immediately placed it back in the mail for a return, and placed the order for the larger Medium Manitou bag with overnight shipping. It just arrived this morning and I am absolutely in love. It's the perfect size, weight, and has such great storage and is exactly what I was hoping for! This bag is the perfect size, weight, and is such high quality I know it will last for years. I leave for my trip on Sunday and I couldn't be happier with my bags. Taking the Summit Bag and Manitou Bag to Italy, and everywhere else. Thank you. I will be a lifetime customer.

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    Big Manitou

    Posted by K.J.P. on Feb 17th 2019

    I purchased this bag in April of 2018. I have waited until now to be able to provide a proper review. I also do not often write reviews. This bag is excellent. I sought out this bag initially for the craftsmanship and the fact that it was handmade in the U.S.A. It has far exceeded my expectations.

    I am now 31 years old and returned to school to study psychology and human services. This bag is not only perfect for my everyday needs as a student, but it is ideal in a clinical setting. I was not seeking a bag that is incredibly flamboyant or flashy so I would not come off as being "above" a client, yet I also wanted something that would not seem out of place when I am wearing a sport coat and slacks. This is a great bag that can match any attire.

    What you can most frequently find in my Big Manitou:

    Front pocket 1
    - portable charger
    - phone charger
    - computer charger
    - Bluetooth headphones
    - thumb drives
    Front pocket 2
    - Aleve
    - Pepcid
    - Shout Wipes
    - Tums
    - Cough Drops
    - Gum/Altoids
    - Tissues
    - Microfiber eyeglass cloth
    Front Zippered Pocket
    - Narcan aka Naloxone (due to the nature of my work)
    Main compartment
    - Textbook(s)
    - Single subject notebook
    - 2 pocket folder
    - Journal
    - Daytimer
    - DSM-5 (usually)
    Divided compartments
    - Pens, pencils, highlighters, paper binders, sharpies, deck of cards, laser pointer, telescoping pointer, adhesive page tabs
    Laptop slot
    - Laptop
    - Legal pad
    Rear zippered compartment
    - Whatever magazines I may be reading at the time

    Again, very happy with this purchase. Keep up the great work. I would recommend this bag a thousand time over.

  • 5
    Large Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Posted by Leo Sarmiento on Dec 2nd 2018

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the look, quality, and capabilities of this bag since I first received it back in March 2018. Before I get started, just a few things I'd like to mention.

    When I originally ordered this bag, I was told that there were none in stock, so they had to make one for me (and that included the personalized leather monogram). After the nearly two weeks in production, it was promptly sent out and delivered on assured by customer service. to the review of this product. There is nothing like the smell of waxed canvas. All good. Also, the craftsmanship involved in the making of this bag was apparent to I took a very thorough look at the seems, leather, canvas, etc. And then there is the look of it. Timeless. Classic. Rugged yet sophisticated. It fits in easily enough at work, while on the metro and buses, sitting beside me at Church, and walking the streets of Downtown Los Angeles....or by the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

    Over the last several months, I have been altering what I keep as part of my EDC within the bag. I think I've finally found a balance that is comfortable and usable for myself...though I can easily see someone else going much heavier than the intentional “light” carry I subscribe to (so as to save room for whatever random items I might haul, and save on the wear and tear on my back...but that's a different story). The sizeable pockets work very well for organization. Also, thanks to the lack of bag structure (a mixed blessing for me....but one that in the end serves me better than not), it can pretty much handle most anything I can place in it within reason.

    As for the big flap cover.... Only once have I had a problem with it NOT staying down, and that was because we had some extremely strong winds one day that managed to repeatedly lift it up. Under normal (and not so normal) circumstances, the weight of it is enough that I have never worried about it coming up on me, or thought that a stranger might be able to get their hands under it and to my personal goods within the bag while taking public transit or stuck in a crowded location. As such, thanks to it being a messenger bag, moving it from my side, to either sitting in front of me (when on a bus/train/crowed area), or on my side/back (when walking), was never a problem or question.

    Finally....the strap. It does what it does...and very well. Good hardware on it, and on the bag at the attachment points. By the way, it was worth the few extra dollars to purchase the extra padded buckskin shoulder pad. It does a marvelous job of softening and spreading the weight of what I'm carrying.

    Bottom line: if you have a need to carry a number of items as part of your EDC, have space to carry more as needed, look good doing so, own something of quality that you are going to work hard and eventually hand down to your kids (or grand kids), and at the same time not draw any potentially negative attention to yourself (being a gray-man vs looking too tactical), then this bag is for you.