Made Without Compromise in Duluth, MN

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There’s a fast and convenient way to do what we do. We’re not interested in that. Bags that last, last for a reason. It’s because they’re built the right way, and the right way takes time. Everything we build carries the Frost River name, and that means something to us. And years from now when your bag is still intact after all the adventures it’s seen, that name will mean something to you too. That’s not our warranty, that’s our promise. To really get a feel for our bags, you’ve got to feel our bags.

All the photos of our Frost River bags are gorgeous. We’re proud of the way they look, but we’re just as proud of how our bags feel too. After all, you’re not buying the photo—you’re buying the bag. So if possible, stop in our store and put both of those senses to work.

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Frost River Trading Co. • 1910 W. Superior Street • Duluth, Minn 55806



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