Bike Bags

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Your bike deserves a bag, too. After all, it carries you and all of your stuff—that’s no easy feat. Named after our favorite northern routes to explore on two tires—these bags are as tough as the trails you’ll take them on.

  • 396 Arrowhead ECO Roll Top Pack by Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. The ECO features expandable, snappable side pockets, and extra internal pockets & sleeves, including one for a laptop. Made in USA, guaranteed for life.

    Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack

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  • 389_Hwy-61

    Highway 61 Rolltop Panniers

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  • The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Crossovers are equally at home on a back or over a shoulder and fit in the great outdoors and the wood paneled walls of the boardroom.

    Voyageur Backpack

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  • 399-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0610

    Heritage Black High Falls Short-Day Pack

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  • 399 Frost River High Falls Short Day Pack from the front angle

    High Falls Short-Day Pack

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  • 325-Back-Bay-Lumbar-Pack-by-Frost-River-1096

    Back Bay Lumbar Pack

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  • Caribou Trail Bike Bag

    Caribou Trail Bike Bag

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  • The Frost River Carrier Brief Messenger Bag is a classic single strapped shoulder bag made out of waxed canvas.

    Carrier Bike Messenger Bag

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  • Cord and Barrel

    Cord and Barrel

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  • Echo Trail Seat Bag

    Echo Trail Seat Bag

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  • Fernberg Road Wedge Bag

    Fernberg Road Wedge Bag

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  • 393_Rolltop-Growler-Pack

    Growler Pack Rolltop Bike Bag

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  • Gunflint Trail Seat Bag

    Gunflint Trail Seat Bag

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  • The 384 Highway 1 Panniers by Frost River

    Highway 1 Panniers

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  • Card-Sleeve-by-Frost-River-untitled3067

    Leather Card Caddy

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  • Replacement Straps - Bike Bags

    Replacement Straps – Bike Bags

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  • Sawbill Trail Handlebar Bag

    Sawbill Trail Handlebar Bag

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  • Stickers


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  • The 385 Taconite Trail Trunk Bag by Frost River

    Taconite Trail Bike Trunk

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  • The Frost River Tool Roll is a handy little carrying case for a set of good tools. Lash it, hang it, haul it: your choice! Tools not included.

    Tool Roll

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