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Wind and rain lash at the tent all night long. It’s day seven on your two week BWCAW canoe trip. Another glorious day in the canoe country.

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  • Isle-Royale-family-by-Frost-River---Heritage-Black-Collection--2175-2

    Heritage Black Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs

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  • 732 Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs

    Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs

    4.75 out of 5
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  • 396 Arrowhead ECO Roll Top Pack by Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. The ECO features expandable, snappable side pockets, and extra internal pockets & sleeves, including one for a laptop. Made in USA, guaranteed for life.

    Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack

    5 out of 5
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  • Grand Portage Pack

    Grand Portage Pack

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  • Tregurtha Canoe Pack

    Tregurtha Canoe Pack

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  • 754 Lewis and Clark. A big box style waxed canvas canoe pack with buckskin padded shoulder straps and room galore.

    Lewis & Clark Pack

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  • Old No. 7 Pack

    Old No. 7 Pack

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  • Woodsman Pack

    Woodsman Pack

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  • Camp Cook's Kitchen Pack

    Camp Cook’s Kitchen Pack

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  • Old No. 3 Pack

    Old No. 3 Pack

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  • Timber Cruiser Pack

    Timber Cruiser Pack

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  • Timber Cruiser Jr Pack

    Timber Cruiser Jr Pack

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  • Summit Pack

    Summit Pack

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  • 825-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0596

    Heritage Black Summit Expedition Pack

    5 out of 5
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  • Summit Expedition Pack

    Summit Expedition Pack

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  • Rolltop Utility Pack

    Rolltop Utility Pack

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  • Summit Boulder Jct.

    Summit Boulder Jct.

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  • Utility Packs

    Utility Packs

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  • 821-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0626

    Heritage Black Vintage Pack

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  • Vintage Pack

    Vintage Pack

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