Work Bags


The daily grind, the 9 to 5, bringing home the bacon… why not do it in style with a nod to heritage values and craftsmanship? Here are bags that’ll stay with you from the start of the day, to punching out-  from day one to your retirement party, these are briefcases, messenger bags and travel essentials built to last through every meeting, showing, merger and promotion of your career. Burnish the leather, and develop a patina in the solid brass in gear made by hand in Duluth, MN, and built for business.

Work Bags / Categories
  • 396 Arrowhead ECO Roll Top Pack by Frost River, a roll top day pack built by hand in Duluth, MN from waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware. The ECO features expandable, snappable side pockets, and extra internal pockets & sleeves, including one for a laptop. Made in USA, guaranteed for life.

    Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack

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  • The Frost River Carrier Brief Messenger Bag is a classic single strapped shoulder bag made out of waxed canvas.

    Carrier Brief Messenger Bag

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  • 898-N-Frost-River-Heritage-Black-Collection-0646

    Heritage Black Premium Carrier Brief Messenger Bag

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  • Field Satchel

    Field Satchel

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  • The Frost River Voyageur Backpack Crossovers are equally at home on a back or over a shoulder and fit in the great outdoors and the wood paneled walls of the boardroom.

    Voyageur Backpack

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  • 884 Correspondent. A classy, timeless waxed canvas briefcase. Twin handles, exterior pockets, character.


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  • Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Big Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Manitou Shoulder Bag

    Manitou Shoulder Bag

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  • Saganaga Travel Satchel

    Saganaga Travel Satchel

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  • Heritage Brief

    Heritage Brief

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  • Pilot Brief

    Pilot Brief

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  • Single Briefcase

    Single Briefcase

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  • Document Briefcase

    Document Briefcase

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  • Navigator


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  • 722 Premium Mesabi. Like a brief for your back, with waxed canvas, leather shoulder straps, and optional padded sleeve. Traditional styling, premium features.

    Mesabi Range Daypack

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  • Simple Brief

    Simple Brief

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  • 435 North Bay Daypack. Classic daypack styling in waxed canvas, with a full zip main compartment, an even fuller zip front pocket, and sleeve & size options. Frost River, just off the beaten path of popular.

    North Bay Daypack

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  • Sojourn Pack

    Sojourn Pack

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  • 558 Crescent Lake Shoulder Large. The Crescent Lake is a stylish purse, bag, or satchel. Available in small and large.

    Crescent Lake Shoulder Bag

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  • The Urban Field Bag is a satchel/purse from Frost River that offers multiple zippered pockets and compartments, with a cross-body cotton shoulder strap and lifetime guarantee.

    Urban Field Bag

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