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Camp Soap

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0.25 LBS
Camp Soap

Outdoor Soaps to make being outside a little cleaner! Choose from All-in-One Camp Soap (works on "body, clothes, hair, dishes, and more"), the Woodland Bug-Off Bar ("ditch the DEET", use naturals oils instead), or Fish On! Angler's Bar (removes fish stuff and covers up human scents with "activated charcoal and pure anise essential oil"). All are made from sustainable ingredients at Jasper Lee Soapworks in the USA. Get some with your next order and keep clean in the wilds with a little help from Frost River (just don't wash right in the river, please head for shore).


Camp Soap- rosemary mint scent, Bug Off Bar- citronella tea tree scent, Angler's Soap- anise scent.