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  • Distressed Logo T-Shirts

    Distressed Logo T-Shirts


    We've got some Frost River logo'd T shirts, and they're great outdoors! American Apparel has struck a near perfect blend with The Track Shirt 50|25|25. It combines 50% Polyester, 25% Combed Cotton, 25% Rayon. A stylized, distressed Frost River logo makes...

  • Frost River Sweatshirt

    Frost River Sweatshirt


    It's not easy to find a great sweatshirt. It's gotta have the right feel (heavyweight material), it's gotta be cut well (just long enough in just the right places), and it needs to be a cool color (no pastels please). If it has all that, is made in...

  • Frost River T-shirt

    Frost River T-shirt


    American made T shirts? Inconceivable? Nope, we've got 'em available in several great colors, all printed with the Frost River logo. Your choice of short or long sleeves, the cotton T-shirts feel great to wear, and you can feel great supporting American...

  • Hunting Chaps

    Hunting Chaps


    Heavy waxed canvas chaps work like wildland armor-- protecting legs from: sharp stuff in the woods, thorns in the briar patch, stubble in the cornfield, wet stuff wherever you find it. Ankle openings are wide and secured with snaps, the slit goes up high...

  • Long Sleeve Waffle Crew

    Long Sleeve Waffle Crew


    What makes a good waffle? Plenty of golden pockets for syrup, butter, jam, fruit and whipped cream. Just like the crisp, batter cake breakfast of its namesake our Long Sleeve Waffle Crew is built with a waffle knit pattern, giving it a weave that's...

  • Frost River Zip Hoodie

    Frost River Zip Hoodie


    Not to brag, but this is to other hoodies what our bags are to other bags. Our Hoodies have a full length zipper on the front, a hood on the back, and great heavyweight sweatshirt material in between. They’re made in USA from an 80/20 cotton/poly...